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Deep Dive into Data Subscriptions

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In a static world, real time information is limited to the moment you ask for it.

In a dynamic world such as ours, to stay real time, data must be consistently updated with every relevant change.

Data subscriptions enable your database to analyze every new piece of information as it comes in to determine which queries need updated, real time information.

This gives you the opportunity to be the first in line to see new patterns emerge in your data.

For example, say you discover that for the last two weeks, the bulk of your users are coming from Canada. You can add logic to your site to include the previous night's ice hockey scores. If they start coming in from Brazil, you can expand that logic to include football scores.

You can adapt your product and outreach based on live updates to your data.

Watch RavenDB CEO Oren Eini show you how, as he takes you on a deep dive into keeping your answers cutting edge long after you've asked the questions.

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