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Developing a Winning Blockchain Application with RavenDB

Developing a Winning Blockchain Application with RavenDB

Blockchain is the hottest market around. The quickest way to success is a Blockchain application that delivers. However, finding important information can be tricky and costly.

The right data solution achieves three fundamental objectives for you. It grabs the data from market services. It crunches raw data straight from the blockchain, to augment market information like current and historical prices, volumes, and buy-sell spreads in real-time, creating moving averages, oscillators, and algorithms that give you nano-second buy or sell signals.

It sends that data to analytical business intelligence solutions like Grafana and data lakes enabling you to see the data in graphic form to spot trends easier.

You need solutions to detect patterns fast. Native MapReduce features to create rolling aggregates and update probability matrices in real-time. Automatic indexes to get you up-to-date info faster than anyone else, and the data has to be completely accurate, delivering all fully transactional ACID integrity promises.

Federico Lois, who has developed his own Blockchain Application using RavenDB to track price trends will be speaking about how to use RavenDB’s common database features to convert the blockchain raw data into your next great steak.

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Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 58 minutes
Published September 14, 2021