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Practical Indexing with RavenDB

Practical Indexing with RavenDB

In this webinar we will go over the series of features you have available that you might not yet know about when working with indexes.

You will see how you can take information about your queries and appropriate indexes and transfer them between your QA environment and production before you build a new release.

RavenDB CEO Oren Eini is going to recap the fundamentals of the most basic part of your database. Oren will show you how to build lean indexes to drastically reduce complexity. He will teach you to add power and reduce effort on your application’s prime layer.

You will discover:

  • How to version your indexes
  • How to use features such as “additional sources”
  • What will happen if you want to include JavaScript as an index
  • How to work with non-trivial data and polymorphic operations
  • How to get “under the hood” information on your indexes that RavenDB provides for you
  • How to reason about data models between the documents, indexes, and the projection that they get back

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 64 minutes
Published June 23, 2020