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RavenDB in a Distributed Cloud Environment

RavenDB in a Distributed Cloud Environment

In this webinar, RavenDB CEO Oren Eini will show you how to deploy RavenDB in a distributed cloud environment.

To minimize latency and model an efficient and clean data system, you can distribute RavenDB in multiple clusters in different regions. Oren will explain some key points to keep in mind to ensure data consistency across your various clusters.

For higher availability, you can also effectively distribute nodes of one cluster into different data centers (in the same region). As with any RavenDB cluster, if one node goes down, another node in the database group will instantly and automatically failover to ensure that your application doesn’t miss a beat.

Finally, Oren will show how to keep your data safe with RavenDB, even in the unlikely event that you lose your entire dataset.

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 67 minutes
Published November 14, 2022