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RavenDB 4.0 NoSQL Document Database Tutorial

RavenDB 4.0 NoSQL Document Database Tutorial

In this workshop, RavenDB CEO Oren Eini will take you on a deep dive into RavenDB 4.0 and what it can do for you. He will begin by assuming this is your first experience with NoSQL and document databases, and advance from there to cover RavenDB’s finest and newest features. You will discover how NoSQL and ACID work well together, and how easy it is to set up, install, and secure a RavenDB node in record time. Oren will explain the need for distributed data networks and take you step by step in setting up a cluster of nodes that replicate data to one another in real time. He will explain the consensus and gossip protocols which govern the nodes in your database to empower your next application with constant availability to all your users. You will learn the concepts of data modeling with a document database, and how to leverage our SQL-based query language to perform faster queries, set up automatic indexes, and create super-cheap aggregates at any scale by setting up the answers before you even ask the questions. We offer you the best support you will never need, as the most common problems that come with a database are anticipated by RavenDB. We will warn you when you get too close to one, enabling you to tackle problems before they arise. This workshop is meant for developers and operations, from beginner to expert, that want to get to know RavenDB 4.0. You will discover how to:

  • Set up and secure your database in minutes
  • Establish constant availability by deploying nodes to a distributed cluster
  • Prepare Data Modeling in a NoSQL Document Database
  • Query documents using our SQL-like query language
  • Perform cheap aggregation queries at any scale with Map Reduce and Auto Indexing
  • Code using RavenDB 4.0
  • Ensure high availability & self-managing clusters using consensus and gossip protocols


00:00:59 What is NoSQL and Why do We Need it?
00:11:21 The Value in Combining ACID and NoSQL
00:15:32 Setting up RavenDB 4.0: Installing Security
00:18:54 RavenDB 4.0: Querying, Indexing, and Dynamic Indexes
00:36:53 Setting up a Distributed Database with a RavenDB Cluster
01:33:45 Data Modeling in a NoSQL Document Database
01:50:00 Relations between Documents in RavenDB 4.0
02:19:14 Drilldown on Querying Documents with RQL
02:39:35 The Performance Advantages to Indexing with RavenDB 4.0
02:51:55 Result Projections – The Next Generation of JOIN Statements
03:07:53 Results: Includes & Hitchhiking
03:12:30 Super Fast Aggregation with Map Reduce
03:25:22 Diving into Code with RavenDB 4.0
04:19:53 Questions and Answers

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, DevOps
Duration 265 minutes
Published October 19, 2017