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RavenDB and Tended App Make Sure You Are Going Out this Saturday Night

RavenDB and Tended App Make Sure You Are Going Out this Saturday Night

Tended app uses RavenDB NoSQL database

  • Ever go out with your spouse, only to have your date night tarnished with constant concerns about how your kids are doing?
  • Ever have to cancel a night out because your children aren’t feeling well?
  • Ever have to stop the music and step outside to call mom to make sure she took her medicine?

Tended App founder Ryan Rounkles is working to make sure that when it’s time to let the good times roll, your loved ones will be taken care of while you enjoy your dinner.

Instead of taking out your phone, you can pass the buffalo wings.

A RavenDB user for almost a decade, Ryan develops Tended App to help parents maintain round the clock eyes for their children, parents, even pets.

It’s a medical services app designed for children with specific medical needs. It can be something as simple as the sniffles or a 24-hour virus, to special needs kids which require constant attention.

Tended lets the caretaker, whether a home health attendant, nurse, or babysitter know what their loved one needs are at any given moment. Whether at work, on errands, or spending the evening out together, parents can breathe easy with the confidence that everything is all right at home.

Tended App Developer Ryan Rounkles shares with RavenDB CEO Oren Eini how he develops his application and the interesting things he is doing with RavenDB.

You will discover:

  • How Ryan adapts RavenDB to a mobile environment
  • Synching data when connectivity is unavailable
  • Creating a highly available distributed network among the mobile phone users using an application instance
  • Improvising a RavenDB Document Store inside your iPhone

How Data Subscriptions and Document Versioning enable a feature rich app without having to spend time, money, Smartphone memory, or complexity on additional resources.

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 60 minutes
Published August 26, 2020