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The Best Database Management for Your Operations Team

The Best Database Management for Your Operations Team

RavenDB is a database that not only comes with a seat belt, but with GPS and airbags to boot.

Operations include everything from setting up a new database or cluster, ongoing monitoring and observation of what’s going on in your system, watching over the behavior of the system, deploying new versions, and a whole lot more.

We know how much work that can be for your operations teams, so we made great effort to ease the complex tasks involved.

We want to get you started without having to pour over documentation so we produced a setup wizard. In minutes, you get a new system ready with no issues whatsoever and fully secured.

You want to deploy an encrypted database? That’s just a few clicks.

We want you on the path to success, so we built RavenDB to guide you towards the right decisions. This presents itself in a lot of ways.

You receive alerts on all sorts of things like slow I/O, no backups initiated, a certain query isn’t working right, and more.

We don’t want to be a black box. We want to show you what’s wrong in the clearest and most efficient manner so you can fix it effectively. Whenever there is an issue, you don’t have to conduct a murder investigation to find out the culprit, especially when an issue is approaching critical levels.

We monitor every little detail so you can go into your system knowing exactly what you need to fix, and where to go to fix it. You have the ability to package the debug state of your system and send it off to observe it in isolation.

In this webinar, CEO and Chief Developer Oren Eini will walk you through all of these features. You will see how they work and how they play together.

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 58 minutes
Published December 3, 2020