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Using RavenDB as a Queuing Infrastructure

In computing, queues are used everywhere. They are used for doing asynchronous work for insuring your ability and manageability of complex applications and processes.

They are a core component of distributed systems.

Oren Eini, Database Developer and Microsoft MVP talks about using RavenDB as a queuing infrastructure.

He talks about a couple of scenarios:

  • Using subscriptions to ensure reliable "at least once" delivery of messages to your system so if a message is sent, it's processed to make sure that there are no lost messages.
  • Distributing load on your system. Like a Starbucks infrastructure where the cashier accepts your order and then sends a message to the queue for multiple baristas who compete to fill these orders.

Oren also discusses the specific RavenDB features that make queuing easy for you:

  • How to perform scheduled sends
  • The ability to do a delayed send, or delayed receive of messages
  • Using pull replication to send messages to the edge where they get picked up and processed, a "distributed messaging" feature you only get with RavenDB

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