RavenDB’s OLAP ETL Opens the Door to Business Intelligence

RavenDB’s OLAP ETL Opens the Door to Business Intelligence

A single database can’t be all things at all times. A system optimized for transactions (OLTP) is fundamentally different from one optimized for querying big data (OLAP). RavenDB is an OLTP database, but it’s also a team player. With ongoing OLAP ETL tasks, you can effortlessly push your data to OLAP services on the cloud for business intelligence purposes.

Production postmortem: Deduplicating replication speed

A customer called us with an interesting issue. They have a decently large database (around 750GB or so) that they want to replicate to another node. They did all the usual things that you need to do and the process started running as expected. However… that wouldn’t make for an interesting postmortem post if everything […]

RavenDB Grafana Data Source

I’m happy to announce that we have released v1.0 of RavenDB’s Grafana Data Source. This RavenDB data source plugin allows you to query and visualize your RavenDB data in Grafana. Note that this is distinct from monitoring RavenDB itself in Grafana (which is also possible, of course, see here). You can see what this looks […]

PSA: RavenDB 4.2 LTS ending support on June 30, 2022

RavenDB 4.2 came out in May 2019. It was our first LTS (long term support) edition for RavenDB and it has had a great run. All good things must come to an end, and RavenDB 4.2 is scheduled to go out of regular support on June 30, 2022. Today, RavenDB Cloud completed the migration of […]

Production postmortem: The network latency and the I/O spikes

A customer called us about an elevated I/O load in their system after an upgrade to RavenDB 5.3 from RavenDB 4.2. We looked into that, and we saw a small (but very noticeable) rise that we just could not explain. Those sorts of issues are tough to crack, because there isn’t an error or a […]

Production postmortem: The encrypted database that was too big to replicate

A customer called the support hotline with a serious problem. They had a large database and wanted to add another replica node to it. This is a fairly standard thing to do, of course. The problem was that somewhere around the 70% mark, the replication process stalled. All the metrics were green, the mentor node […]

RavenDB Cloud: Metrics & Disk I/O enhancements

Our cloud team just finished pushing a big set of features to production. Some of them are user facing and add some nice features that I wanted to talk about. The most important feature we have in this cycle is directly exposing your instances metrics to you. Here is what this looks like: This is a […]

Production postmortem: Misleading security and other production snafus

A typical production postmortem story is a tale of daring dives deep into the guts of your system. It is a journey into the intricacies of dependencies between multiple components, the delicate balance of distributed processes that got just the wrong level of alignment to cause some havoc. A production postmortem is a toil of […]