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Using client side encrypted fields in RavenDB

11 minutes
Sometimes, you need to hold on to data that you really don’t want to have access to. A great example may be that your user will provide you with their theme color preference. I’m sure you can appreciate the sensitivity of preferring a light or dark theme when working in the IDE. At any rate, […]

RavenDB 6.0: Sharding webinar

2 minutes
This Wednesday I’m going to be doing a webinar about RavenDB & Sharding. This is going to be the flagship feature for RavenDB 6.0 and I’m really excited to be talking about it in public finally. Sharding involves splitting your data into multiple nodes. Similar to having different volumes of a single encyclopedia. RavenDB’s sharding […]

Solving support issues in other people’s products

2 minutes
A user contacted us to tell us that RavenDB does not work in his environment. As you can imagine, we didn’t really like to hear that, so we looked deeper into the issue. The issue in question included the actual problem, which looked something like this: { "Url": "/auth/", "Type": "Raven.Client.Exceptions.Routing.RouteNotFoundException", "Message": "There is no […]

Building emergency pathways in your software (never to be used)

7 minutes
Preconditions, postconditions, and invariants, oh my! The old adage about Garbage In, Garbage Out is a really important aspect of our profession. If you try to do things that don’t make sense, the output will be nonsensical. On two occasions I have been asked, ‘Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, […]

Looking into Corax’s posting lists: Part I

9 minutes
One of the big changes in RavenDB is the new search engine, Corax. We want to replace Lucene with a purpose built search engine, capable of doing everything that we can do with Lucene, but far faster. In this post, I want to discuss a particular detail of the implementation. Managing the posting list. In […]

Fundamental knowledge

7 minutes
I’ve been calling myself a professional software developer for just over 20 years at this point. In the past few years, I have gotten into teaching university courses in the Computer Science curriculum. I have recently had the experience of supporting a non-techie as they went through a(n intense) coding bootcamp (aiming at full stack […]

Managing delays in distributed systems with RavenDB

4 minutes
A user came to us with an interesting scenario. They have a RavenDB cluster, which is running in a distributed manner. At some point, we have a user that creates a document inside of RavenDB as well as posts a message using SQS (Amazon queuing system) to be picked up by a separate process. The […]

RavenDB Index Cleanup feature

4 minutes
A database indexing strategy is a core part of achieving good performance. About 99.9% of all developers have a story where adding an index to a particular query cut the runtime from seconds or minutes to milliseconds. That percentage is 100% for DBAs, but the query was cut from hours or days to milliseconds. The appropriate […]

RavenDB PHP Client has been released

1 minutes
I recently talked about the beta release of the RavenDB PHP client a few months ago. I’m now really pleased to announce that we have just released the official RavenDB PHP client. Here is what this looks like: