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Upcoming webinar: Involving RavenDB in your Messaging Transactions

1 minutes
Next week I’ll be presenting a new major feature for the new RavenDB 5.4 release. Built-in ETL for Kafka and RabbitMQ. Instead of your documents just sitting there in your database, you can involve them in your messaging transactions. You can register for the webinar here… Please register, I would love to hear your feedback […]

Production postmortem: The data corruption in the node.js stack

4 minutes
A customer called us, complaining that RavenDB isn’t supporting internationalization. That was a big term to unpack. It boiled down to a simple issue. They were using Hebrew text in their system, consuming us from a node.js client, and they observed that sometimes, RavenDB would corrupt the data. They would get JSON similar to this: […]

Production postmortem: Out of memory on a clear sky

5 minutes
A customer opened a support call telling us that they reached the scaling limits of RavenDB. Given that they had a pretty big machine specifically to handle the load they were expecting, they were (rightly) upset about that. A short back and forth caused us to realize that RavenDB started to fail shortly after they added […]

The Art of Debugging

8 minutes
I often end up being pulled into various debugging sessions. I find that having a structured approach for debugging can help you figure out what is going on and fix even the nastiest of bugs. This is a story about a few different bugs that I run into. We have some new features coming in […]

My interview at Productive C#

1 minutes
I had an interview with Andrea Angella from Product C# earlier this week. I think that it was quite an interesting discussion, you can watch it here (or listen in Podcast form):
Beatman's decade of success with RavenDB

Beatman’s Decade of Success with RavenDB

13 minutes
Beatman is a software development company that has been using RavenDB as its database of choice for the last decade. RavenDB’s performance, DevOps simplicity, and wide range of features have helped them take countless high-quality software products to market faster than their competitors could dream of.

High performance .NET: Building a Redis Clone – skipping strings

10 minutes
One of the high costs that we have right now in my Redis Clone is strings. That is actually a bit misleading, take a look here: Strings take 12.57% of the runtime, but there is also the GC Wait, where we need to cleanup after them. That means that the manner in which we are […]