Generating sequential numbers in a distributed manner

6 minutes
On its face, we have a simple requirement: Generate sequential numbers Ensure that there can be no gaps Do that in a distributed manner Generating the next number in the sequence is literally as simple as ++, so surely that is a trivial task, right? The problem is with the second requirement. The need to […]
dpg media

How to Boost Queries by 800% Without Abandoning Your Relational System

20 minutes
When DynamoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch didn’t provide smooth and cost-efficient integration with their main PostgreSQL database, DPG Media integrated RavenDB into their system for faster complex queries. They saw an 800% performance increase and now have a far simpler and more cost-effective system, reducing their costs by 1/3.
Ideal Data Platform for Startups

Ideal Data Platform for Startups

8 minutes
Startups often have limited resources and fast, unpredictable growth so they require software solutions that are effective, flexible, and efficient. RavenDB is a powerful NoSQL database that is designed with startups in mind. This article will explore some of the key reasons why RavenDB is a great choice for startups. Total Cost of Ownership Startups […]

Fight for every byte it takes: Storing raw numbers

7 minutes
I write databases for a living, which means that I’m thinking a lot about persistence. Here is a fun challenge that we went through recently. We have the need to store a list of keys and values and then lookup a value by key. Pretty standard stuff. The keys and values are both 64 bits […]

Deploying RavenDB with Helm Chart

1 minutes
Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. It allows you to easily deploy applications and systems to a Kubernetes cluster easily, safely and in a reproducible manner. We provide you with a chart so you can use Helm to deploy RavenDB clusters. You can visit this link for a full discussion on how to do […]
The Perfect Data Platform for SAAS Development

The Perfect Data Platform for SAAS Development

13 minutes
Easyfy is a customizable e-commerce platform that uses RavenDB for its ease of custom tailoring, fast release cycles, ability to accommodate various heterogeneous data types, rich feature set, and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Looking into Corax’s posting lists: Part III

5 minutes
We looked into the internal of Corax’s posting list and in the last post I mentioned that we have a problem with the Baseline of the page. We are by no means the first people to work with posting lists, and there is a wide body of knowledge on the topic. When it came time […]

Looking into Corax’s posting lists: Part II

5 minutes
In a previous post (which went out a long time ago) I explained that we have the notion of a set of uint64 values that are used for document IDs. We build a B+Tree with different behaviors for branch pages and leaf pages, allowing us to pack a lot of document IDs (thousands or more) […]

That weird slow benchmark and its root cause

5 minutes
We care a lot about the performance of RavenDB, like a whole lot. To the point where we have a dedicated team that is continuously burning money CPU cycles testing out all sorts of scenarios with RavenDB. You can see the performance page on the website for some of their results. It got to the point where […]