Monitoring I/O inside of RavenDB

3 minutes
Earlier this year I talked about the reasoning behind the RavenDB team spending so much time building self monitoring diagnostics. Today I’m happy to announce that RavenDB has another such feature, allowing you to see, in real time, exactly what is going on in your database in terms of I/O. You can see what this […]

Comparing SQLite WAL mode to Voron’s

5 minutes
There is a great article discussing how SQLite is handling transactions at Which led me to the great documentation on the WAL mode for SQLite. And that led me to think about the differences between how SQLite does it and how Voron does it. Both SQLite and Voron share asame behavior, they use Copy […]

RavenDB PHP Client beta is out

2 minutes
The official RavenDB Client for PHP is now out in beta. You can now make use of a rich client to consume RavenDB with all the usual features you would expect. To start using RavenDB, run: $ composer require ravendb/ravendb-php-client And then you can start using RavenDB in your project. Here are some interesting code […]

Using RavenDB for Department of Defense projects

2 minutes
If you are using RavenDB for defense projects, we have got good news for you. RavenDB is now available on Iron Bank, making it that much easier to make use of RavenDB in defense or high security projects. Iron Bank is the DoD repository of digitally signed, binary container images including both Free and Open-Source […]

Optimizing Corax: Optimizing tree operations

11 minutes
I love trees. Not the ones that produce oxygen, I mean, I guess they are nice too, but I’m talking about trees in software. To be rather more exact, I’m fascinated by B+Trees and all their permutations. In a very real sense, most databases are all about B+Trees. To give you some context, Voron alone, […]

RavenDB 5.4 is out

2 minutes
That actually happened over a month ago, but I’m afraid that July / August hasn’t been kind of either my attention span or the ability to actually keep track of what is happening. September is around the corner (at which point the summer vacation would be over and I’m already looking forward to some blessed […]

Managing the most dangerous constructor ever

6 minutes
The design of the X509Certificate2 is badly broken in terms of safety. If you load a certificate from the disk or a byte buffer, it will go ahead and create a file on the disk behind the scene. If you’ll dispose the instance, the file will be removed. However, if you don’t explicitly dispose the […]

re: How Discord supercharges network disks for extreme low latency

6 minutes
I read this blog post from Discord, which presents a really interesting approach to a problem that they ran into. Basically, in the cloud you have the choice between fast and ephemeral disks and persistent (and much slower) disks. Technically speaking you can try to get really fast persistent disks, but those are freaking expensive. […]