More integration,
less implementation

Release 5.4 is all about integrations. RavenDB can seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem, pushing events into Kafka topics, and talking to the RabbitMQ message broker. If you are using Grafana to pull and visualize data from various sources, your RavenDB database can now be one of the sources.

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Native Kafka and RabbitMQ support empowers your systems.

Such systems' components communicate by exchanging messages transported via infrastructure pipelines like RabbitMQ and Kafka. With version 5.4, RavenDB can autonomously push messages to these pipelines. This ongoing process is not only robust and reliable, but it will also lower the implementation burden on your development team.

The new integration capabilities reduce the amount of “glue code” and mechanical steps you have to make and allow you to add queue-related behaviors to your system after the fact without modifying your core applications.

Rabbit & Kafka ETL

Grafana plugin to boost your data visualizations.

Grafana is industry standard solution for data observability and visualization. Expose your RavenDB database as a Data Source for Grafana

Visualizing Data makes it accessible to anyone in the organization, breaking down the silos.

Correlate data to understand it better and make informed business decisions.