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Beatman Ltd.

Beatman LTD is doing SaaS with RavenDB

Beatman Ltd. Is an internet-technologies company specializing in application development. Beatman Ltd. stands out exactly where RavenDB steps in – utilizing technologies of the now for performance demands of the future. We provide fast and robust solutions to our clients and thus we cannot rely on anything else than fast and robust technologies.

Who are you? (Name, company, position)

Herve Bansay, founder and CEO at Beatman Ltd.

In what kind of project / environment did you deploy RavenDB?

We implemented RavenDB into one of our more recent products: CRMlet.

The minimalist nature of RavenDB goes hand in hand with our software – CRMlet is designed to be, as its name implies, a tiny CRM. Aimed towards small businesses, CRMlet is a major cost saver featuring only the essential bits of a CRM. But a quintessential set of features alone does not set a software apart from its competitors.

Being an integral part of a business' work, the CRM must be anything but sluggish or quirky or too complicated to work out. These are the goals CRMlet sets out to accomplish – and it is greatly thanks to RavenDB that CRMlet meets these goals as a blazing fast, reliable and easy CRM.

What made you select a NoSQL solution for your project?

SQL databases are excellent when we're talking big web architectures. But when it came down to planning and writing CRMlet, one of our guidelines was speed. It's very similar to rally racing – when you cut a bit more than the others out of every corner and eventually you finish first.

NoSQL is one of the bigger speed-ups we looked into and eventually it did prove itself. And in a more personal note, both the dev team and myself felt that being programmers, it was much more intuitive to implement and deploy a schemaless DB than a tabular DB.

What made you select RavenDB as the NoSQL solution?

CRMlet is developed using ASP.NET MVC and the RavenDB Client API is very easy to implement into MVC code. RavenDB is also fun to use :) (no kidding)

How did you discover RavenDB?

Through Oren Eini's blog over here: http://ayende.com/blog

How long did it take to learn to use RavenDB?

The basics took no longer than an hour. Getting into the depths of the technology was very interesting. Recently we even implemented multi map-reduce on different document types.

What are you doing with RavenDB?

Simply put we're implementing a multitenant SaaS CRM application.

What do you consider to be RavenDB strengths?

First of all RavenDB is a schemaless database. In that sense I am talking about direct translation of data into entities. Working with the DB doesn't require a DBA or any "alien" code or practically, hours spent on implementing SQL. The RavenDB code seamlessly takes part within the software. Secondly RavenDB simply works out of the box and as we said is very easy to implement.

What do you consider to be RavenDB weaknesses?

To begin with, as the developer you must know what kind of data you want to search for before implementing search functionality (dynamic search queries?) and to tell the truth, RavenDB documentation is a quite a mess and is somehow outdated and lacking!

Now that you are in production, do you think that choosing RavenDB was the right choice?

We have had our doubts before but we're happy having implemented RavenDB into our product.

What would you tell other developers who are evaluating RavenDB?

Try it out, you won't get disappointed.