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Who are you? (Name, company, position)

Daniel Neubauer, founder of DeveloperHeroes UG (haftungsbeschränkt), working with friends on www.PartySky.de, a directory of venues and events.

In what kind of project / environment did you deploy RavenDB?

We developed PartySky in our sparetime several years ago. This year we descided to refresh everything and introduced RavenDB. So it was kind of a legacy migration project. We dropped all our code, used facebook as identity provider, left WebForms in favour of ASP.NET MVC3 & jQuery, and finally dropped MSSQL and started using RavenDB.

What made you select a NoSQL solution for your project?

There was nothing really wrong with SQL in our scenario beside we're looking for something more flexible, to be able to quickly enhance scope and features of our product as we develop. Second, it just felt more natural to define the model and indexes in our application, instead of defining a schema in the db. This simplifies everything from data layer, release management and testing.

What made you select RavenDB as the NoSQL solution?

We like the way RavenDB handles indexes, you can make sure the queries are always fast. In our case, fast reads are more imortant than fast writes.

How did you discover RavenDB?

I guess Google told me to use it, as it redirected me one day to posts about RavenDB on stackoverflow and ayendes blog.

How long did it take to learn to use RavenDB?

To get something running to play with, it's a matter of minutes. To really integrate it the right way in our application took a couple of days, as for indexing & client integration there are many blog articles with different ways of doing the same around. We missed at the beginning some more examples. The RacoonBlog example is a great example. We're not (yet?) open source, but we're open to answer questions and share code snippets if anybody has questions on how we implemented something.

What are you doing with RavenDB?

Storing our city, event and venue documents, querying using auto and predefined indexes, ajax auto-suggesting, backup & restore.

What was the experience, compared to other technologies you used before?

See next question.

What do you consider to be RavenDB strengths?

Fast reads and queries, developer-productivity, maintenance and low degree of added-complexity to your project by using RavenDB. To be able to let the RavenDB server run as a web application on IIS, thats great too.

What do you consider to be RavenDB weaknesses?

I think getting millions of documents quickly in or out is a weakness.

Now that you are in production, do you think that choosing RavenDB was the right choice?

So far everything works as expected. Thanks you very much for providing this DB!

What would you tell other developers who are evaluating RavenDB?

RavenDB offers an amazing developer productivity and high read performance. The data layer won't be the showstopper and you can quickly iterate on your product if you're working the agile way. Checkout the RacoonBlog and take it as a example to quickstart.