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Easyfy delivers e-commerce solutions to growing companies that loves to sell. Our solutions are focused on making the growth as easy as possible:

• Easy to make informed decisions by providing insights and intelligence on page.
• Easy to expand product catalogue and the product dressing process.
• Easy to make everyday maintenance tasks.

When we started to design our base platform on which the solutions are based, we analyzed different databases. Finally we decided to use RavenDb since it offers a very nice API, has an active community, and is safe by default.
We started the actual development in March 2013 and finished our 2 first projects in late September and late November.

1) www.textilgallerian.se (sells tailor made curtains, fabrics and other textiles for the Swedish market)
2) www.litenleker.se (a toy store for the Swedish market mainly selling designer toys).

www.textilgallerian.se has been nominated as best Swedish e-commerce site by Swedish InternetWorld, so it’s safe to say that it has gotten a nice welcome!

We build the sites platform with “every day maintenance” in mind. For us that means that when you are logged in you:

• Get supplementary data on how many people has seen, added to basket and purchased a product. This data is stored in a Statistics object per product / category and updated with data from every (non-admin) session. This data is merged on to the main product-list-index as a generic relevance used to sort the products. It’s a bit crude and naïve implementation that seems to as good (or better) than other professional relevance implementations we’ve tried earlier. Sometimes the simple algorithms does the trick.
• The possibility to edit data on-page by using content editable elements on product/category and other cms data. The backend gets updated in real time as well as RavenDb.
• Drag’n’drop categorization of products, product-filter-values and the possibility to easily override all product lists to merge products with for example a large inventory or a nice margin.
• Can create small text articles/tips/banners and merge them into the product category list to increase value to customers while improving SEO.

In terms of RavenDb usage we are using:
• “Cache layer type storage” of products and categories. This data is owned by the LOB system (Navision 2013)
• Statistics and user session data storage, stores baskets, mail-queues, (not yet transferred) orders, site settings etc.
• Facets for filtering products on the category pages
• Changes API to trigger cache invalidation on product/category-pages and also to trigger some more central events, such as updating relevance data according to user events when user sessions die.

In short: Everything you see on the sites are being served by RavenDb, with the exception of order and invoice data for customers. Those objects are fetched from the LOB system directly as the LOB takes ownership of the order after the initial transfer from RavenDb.

We have found that working with RavenDb not only gives us a pleasant developer experience and shorter time to market for our customers, but also is very performant even when working with modest hardware. We also found that RavenDb is very well suited for our views of the e-commerce domain. In the future we might need to replicate session data to an SQL database for reporting and analytics purposes, but for now RavenDb does what we want in this area as well.

For more information please contact
Marcus Oldin
Easyfy AB
+46 708 33 50 21
Marcus (at) easyfy (dot) se