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TechGenix Reviews RavenDB NoSQL Database

RavenDB Whitepaper

Brien Posey, a former CIO, and engineer for the US Department of Defense, reviews RavenDB. Based on his 20 years of IT experience, here is some of what he has to say:

When it comes to IT workloads, databases do almost all of the heavy lifting. It is very rare for an application not to have some underlying database dependency. Although database platforms such as OracleDB and Microsoft’s SQL Server are ubiquitous, they are far from the only viable choice. One up-and-coming database that I have heard a lot about is RavenDB. I decided to check it out.

RavenDB is a NoSQL database. It is not a relational database. NoSQL is an ideal choice for workloads that need to be fast, agile, and scalable and whose data lacks the rigid structure that is typically associated with a relational database. One of the things that set RavenDB apart from many of the other NoSQL databases is that it’s fully ACID compliant across multiple documents.

See how Brien reviews RavenDB for:
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Clustering
  • Overall Quality

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