On Premise Database License

Your free RavenDB NoSQL database community license

Your free NoSQL Database community license for a RavenDB OnPrem or Managed Cloud DBaaS Service comes with extra tools to enhance how you work with your data.

Try RavenDB Out for Free!

RavenDB lets you dip your toe in the water before deciding to take a swim. You can take out a free on-premise database cluster or try out a cloud instance of RavenDB Cloud, our Managed Database service. At no cost, let us handle the installation, configuration, security, patching, updates, maintaining high-availability and monitoring of your database so you can focus more on your application.

A Free Cloud Instance with RavenDB Cloud

A Free Cloud Instance with RavenDB Cloud

RavenDB Cloud is available on all major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP). The same team that developed RavenDB developed your DBaaS. Expect to save 50-65% of what you would otherwise pay for a on-premises solution. With a free tier, you get the following:

  • A secured instance available to you in minutes
  • 2 cores on a provisioned machine
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 500 MB RAM
  • Backups and proper monitoring of your instances

Our community tier is ideal for small projects and POC prototypes. You can start small at no expense to determine how RavenDB Cloud fits into your application architecture.

On Premise Database License

RavenDB On Premise License

For on-premise solutions, the RavenDB Setup Wizard gets you started and secured in minutes. You don’t need any heavy documentation to begin working with your data. For over a decade, RavenDB has been the pioneer NoSQL Database to offer ACID Data Integrity. Along with your free download, you own the following:

  • 3 Cores
  • A distributed data cluster of 3 nodes
  • Connectivity secured with TLS 1.2 and X.509 certificates
  • 6 GB of memory
  • The RavenDB Management Studio
  • A full suite of diagnostics and debug tools
  • Full text and spatial search features
  • High availability and disaster recovery
RavenDB Gives You a Whole Lot More

RavenDB Gives You a Whole Lot More

Why should you have to attach countless addons and additional layers to your database? This can only increase your workload. On the cloud, it will increase your expenses. We put as much inside your database as possible so right out of the box you are locked and loaded with everything you need. Along with your on-premise community license or your Managed Cloud Community Instance, you also have:

  • MapReduce. You don’t need to install Hadoop to perform aggregates.
  • Internal full-text search. Give Elasticsearch the day off, RavenDB lets your users sift through your data for exactly what they want.
  • Native storage engine. Your Voron engine is specifically tailored to RavenDB’s unique configuration, making it perform faster than lightning.
  • In Memory performance with ACID persistence across your entire database and throughout your database cluster.
  • The ability to work on low memory, giving you the chance to do more with your resources and provision less on the cloud, saving you a bundle in time, resources, and money.
  • More than one model to work with your data. RavenDB enables you to work with data in the document, key-value, distributed counters, and graph models. Time-series will be available in early 2020.
  • RavenDB Bootcamp. Learn the ins and outs of RavenDB in days at no cost.
  • Robust documentation that explains everything in easy to understand terminology.
  • Forums and chat groups to address common issues that occur.

Get Yours Today!

You can download your free RavenDB on-premise license right away, or you can try out some of the features in our playground studio. If you are considering RavenDB in your next project, we will be happy to present a personal demonstration of RavenDB at your convenience.

You can also access your free Managed Cloud Service Instance of RavenDB Cloud right away and get started on revolutionizing your information.