The Fastest ACID Database Chosen for Canary Monitoring

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Canary Monitoring Measures API Availability with RavenDB

Canary Monitoring chose the fastest database, that can also manage several different data clusters and works well with their C# codebase.

I am extremely pleased with RavenDB. We were able to get up and running in a month and in the hands of data users.

Ryan Duffield, CTO & Co-Founder Canary Monitoring

ECommerce websites use a dozen or more APIs on their sites. From shipping, tax calculation, payment processing, they rely on multiple outside services for their operations. If one of these services were to go down or even be throttled for whatever reason, it would significantly impact the performance of the entire application.

Canary Monitoring tells application developers and admins when these integrations are down, limiting their own operations. They monitor your API calls to see when things are taking longer than usual. They can pinpoint where the problem is happening. Notifications come automatically, letting the user know when there is a problem.

These days, even little changes in overall performance can significantly impact user satisfaction, conversions, and sales.

Canary Monitoring is a company built entirely on data. They enable them to see problems before they are felt. This saves everyone time and money. Over the last six months, they have amassed over 8 million data points monitoring 14 APIs and expect to rise to over 100 APIs by the end of the year.

They also provide real-time reports for which are the best apps performing and providing consistent availability. Clients can compare multiple apps doing the same thing to see which app is the fastest and most reliable. This prevents potential problems from occurring. It’s all about the data.

The Fastest Database

I didn’t want to purchase multiple databases for time series and storing documents.

Ryan Duffield, CTO & Co-Founder Canary Monitoring

CTO Ryan Duffield needed a solution that works well with the company’s C# codebase. They tried DynamoDB and a time series service from AWS, but their query capabilities fell short. Managing several different data clusters took too much time to get running, and the maintenance was detracting from their development efforts.

When they got started with RavenDB, they were surprised that what took other databases hours to get started, RavenDB could take care of within minutes. Saving this much time was essential for the startup company. By allowing the development team at Canary to put more into their product at such a nascent stage of their growth, RavenDB generated ROI right from the start.

RavenDB also brought their database operations requirements to a minimum. Once their database was set up, they didn’t have to babysit, focusing on more pressing matters.

All the Data is in RavenDB

RavenDB is our core data store.

Ryan Duffield, CTO & Co-Founder Canary Monitoring

As they take in more data, they are scaling out. By the end of 2021, terabytes of information will be analyzed to ensure that applications have the right integrations attached to them. RavenDB required five minutes to scale out Canary monitor while other database options cost hours, even days.

Using automatic indexes boosted their performance. They are producing aggregates that update in real-time constantly. For that, they need the fastest database, as fast as lightning. They also need to be as accurate as possible. This requires a database that is not only fast but also carries full ACID guarantees.

The grand prize for Canary is in data rollups. They need to process in microsecond aggregations of data in six-month intervals. They have to be accurate and immediate. Most other databases could not do this. They could only take samples of the data sets to create an estimate for these moving totals.

RavenDB was able to take all of the raw data to provide their users with exact metrics. When a millisecond drop in performance can result in a 1% drop in sales, accuracy is a factor that impacts the bottom line.

The Future is in Machine Learning

For any time series solution requiring analysis of massive amounts of data points, the ideal tool is machine learning.

The next generation of Canary Monitoring will include such features. RavenDB can expand with them, offering Machine Learning integration, enabling algorithms that will detect patterns in data that will alert their clients to issues that can be solved long before anyone feels any turbulence.

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