About Us

Hibernating Rhinos, a global provider of database infrastructure solutions, empowers Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across the globe to process online transactions through an open source platform. RavenDB is the industry’s first fully-transactional, NoSQL ACID database that combines scalability, high-availability, speed and performance. The company produces two ORM tools, NHibernate and Entity Framework Profilers, that inspect, analyze and suggest improvements to database access patterns in applications. Hibernating Rhinos is headquartered in Hadera, Israel with offices in the U.S. and Poland and extends its reach through over 1500+ customers worldwide.

Our Story

Hibernating Rhinos was founded in 2008 by superstar developer Oren Eini. Many of you may know him by his handle, Ayende Rahien. Oren built a career going from company to company fixing bugs and performance issues inside their databases. From the beginning, Oren’s focus was the customer and anticipating their needs.

Based on his experiences, he developed a set of visual debuggers & profilers, Entity Framework Profiler and NHibernate Profiler that worked in real time to allow a development team to find out what was going on while they coded. He saw common problems occurring in the development of databases and wanted to prevent bottlenecks and fatal flaws early on in the release cycle that could save businesses time and money.

As he traveled the world fixing a wide variety of database challenges, he saw the same problems arising time and again. That’s where RavenDB was born, a database that solves the biggest problems enterprises and small businesses encounter before they even encounter them. Oren set out to answer the most challenging issues: Creating an easy to install, easy to use database that used the best that NoSQL database could offer, but was fully transactional so you didn’t lose this critical element an SQL solution gives you.

With high availability, high performance, zero administration, and self-optimization, RavenDB is trusted and employed by a global client base including Fortune 500 companies spanning several continents. The Hibernating Rhinos team is a leading global authority in open source NoSQL and document database architecture and design, and in the C# and .NET global open source programming communities.

Our Core Values

Improving Your Database Experience

RavenDB is easy to install, implement, and use. We want you to work with what you currently know about database management to utilize our new technologies to conquer the unprecedented challenges of Big Data coming in from mobile, the cloud, and IoT.

Zero Administration

We automate many of the things database administrators are expected to do manually. This expands the productivity of your IT staff, enabling you to deploy resources to other areas of your application development.

High Speed Database Performance

Your users have one demand of your database: To process their queries and transactions as fast as possible so your application can deliver the best user experience on the market. Lightning speed performance along with nonexistent time outs, freezes, or crashes makes your application the one users in your market want to use.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Whether using your first NoSQL solution, or combining RavenDB with a legacy SQL database, we want you to get the most out of NoSQL without having to sacrifice anything the relational world gives you. That is why we are fully transactional.

Solving Your Future Problems

With clients across so many platforms, countries, and industries, we are the first to see the latest problems users and developers encounter as they adapt their databases to a constantly evolving business environment. It is our top priority to solve the problems that are most likely to cause developers to hit a wall, and turn them into new features and fixes to make better use of your database.

We Invest in Your Success

It’s free to start. You can take a community license at no cost and begin using RavenDB with 3 cores, 6 gigabytes of RAM, and a 3-node cluster to see if it’s a good fit for your next project. We don’t profit off of tech support, making it as painless as possible to set up and use RavenDB. You only scale up to the professional and enterprise versions once your database is a stunning success.

Meet the Team

Oren Eini

Oren Eini, pseudonym Ayende Rahien, is a frequent blogger at ayende.com has over 15 years of experience in the development world who strongly focuses on the Microsoft and .NET ecosystem. Oren has been recognized and awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional since 2007.

He's an internationally acclaimed presenter appearing at DevTeach, JAOO, QCon, Oredev, NDC, Yow! and Progressive.NET conferences, sharing his knowledge via conferences and written works such as "DSLs in Boo: Domain Specific Languages in .NET", published by Manning and now another book in the writings "Inside RavenDB"

He remains dedicated and focused on architecture and best practices that promote quality software and zero-friction development.

Tal Weiss

Tal Weiss fell in love with computer science while studying mathematics at the Technion. It was a simple introduction course and an internship at Intel that did the trick.

Tal has been working on the Raven DB core team since 2014, where he began debugging and expanding his expertise in the NoSQL domain. Tal Weiss has since become a central team member for developing performance enhancements and benchmarking for RavenDB. In fact, Tal has actually become the face of RavenDB, introducing it at conferences overseas.

Maxim Buryak

Maxim Buryak is an experienced software engineer and has been working as a core member of the RavenDB project since 2014. Maxim has extensive experience in the telecommunication field, building critical services for one of the largest cellular carrier in Israel.

Maxim has over 6 years of experience in development and lifecycle management of C2 software. He particularly enjoys working on the server-side, performance optimization, a good challenge and a better discussion.

Federico Lois

Federico is co-founder of Corvalius a R&D company specialized in machine learning, computer vision and performance. His background is in massive parallel computing (CPU and GPU alike), signal processing and low-level optimization. It’s fair to say he enjoys reading in binary and tinker with registers and caches.

Aviv Rahmany

Fresh out of college, and with a B.Sc. degree from Ben-Gurian University of Be’er Sheva in hand, Aviv is a welcome addition to Hibernating Rhinos’ core development team. His past achievements involved robotics, computational vision and AI. Add all that to his motivation and out-of-the-box thinking, he is sure to make his mark on RavenDB products. In addition to his technical prowess, Aviv likes to play the guitar and take nature hikes – and rumors abound about his well-developed culinary skills...

Marcin Lewandowski

Marcin is a R&D specialist who has worked in the industry since 2009 and joined RavenDB team in 2013. He is a well-trained developer with dozens of complex projects completed in the past and an author of Java client for RavenDB.

Currently Marcin maintains Java client, Studio and the server-side of RavenDB.

Sabrina Globus

Experienced in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Financial Reporting and Analysis.  I've had the privilege to work in an array of industries from Investment Banking, Entertainment, Textile, Broadband to Hi-tech. A great extent of my life and work experience has been about moving beyond my comfort zone handling the unknown through hard work, dedication and persistence to acquire self- fulling growth. I love spending time with my family and the great outdoors.

Tomasz Opalach

Tomasz is a software developer working in the industry since 2013, enjoying back-end puzzles, exploring the front-end world, and sometimes wandering off to spice it up with some CI work.

In his spare time, he likes delving deep into all genres of books, with a great love for sci-fi.

Iftah Ben Zaken

Iftah has been a proud Rhino since 2016. He started out developing Voron, our in-house storage engine. Now he is on our security team, making sure the information entrusted to you by your users stays private. Iftah has been writing code since he was 12, working at Intel’s Wifi group before he joined us. He graduated University with a double degree in Software Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

In his spare time, Iftah loves to cook. An avid football player, he loves to watch the English Premiere League while eating homemade pizza.

Judah Gabriel Himango

Judah is a full stack web developer, speaker, entrepreneur, and Raven evangelist. He runs Twin Cities Code Camp, Minnesota's largest developer event, and he's the creator of Raven Studio. Outside of work, he likes to play music, write about theology, and go on bike rides with his kids.

Karmel Indych

It's not rocket science!
But even it is, chances are Karmel will not be deterred as he has several years of professional experience in one on the world's most prestigious aerospace manufacturers in the field of electrical engineering. While studying for his BSc in Computer Science from The Humboldt University of Berlin – which housed Einstein, Max Planck and Schrödinger, he also worked as a full-stack developer with Symfony2 and AngularJS frameworks. Now Karmel is part of our development team at Hibernating Rhinos - and just waiting to take off!

Elemar Júnior

Elemar is well known for writing and speaking about advanced topics on software development, design and software architecture. He has over 15 years of experience and is focused on the Microsoft ecosystem. He has been recognized and awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional since 2011.

Adi Avivi

10 Years experience in C++ under Unix, worked at ECI Telecom, mainly on Optical Networks, with familiar telecom providers such as BritishTelecom (BT), Vodafone, Bezeq..

Love everything related with cars, especially chip tuning (where programming skills becomes additional pure horse power)

Grisha Kotler

Grisha has several years of experience in Java and .Net programming, graduated from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Computer Science. Today at Hibernating Rhinos he 's part of the core development team working on new features and enhancements for RavenDB. He loves development, loves to start from scratch and watch what the results are in the end.

To see and travel the world, absorbing nature and cross boarder cultures has been a base to inspiring this thoughts and work.

Dalia Gamrian

Dalia Globus Gamrian has a long time experience in administration issues. At Hibernating Rhinos she mainly takes care of the welfare & manpower side of the company. She loves helping people and take care of the employees happiness (-:

Michael Yarichuk

Michael is a full-stack software developer with background in development of applications in the financial sector. By day, as member of RavenDB Core Team he works mostly on the server side of things and by night he becomes a tinkerer with passion for new stuff, coding in general and lots of unfinished pet projects.

Grzegorz Lachowski

Grzegorz is an experienced software developer working in the industry since 2009 and is now part of the RavenDB team. As a skilled web developer, he believes that the name of the game is all about automation and creating incredible user interfaces.

On a private note he's a techno geek, sci-fi addict, music lover and a father of three.

Danielle Greenberg

If one word had to describe Danielle, it would probably be diversity. After achieving her degree in mathematics and computer science from Haifa University, she has collected a variety of certifications and a wide range of experience in .NET programming, automation development and Web & GUI development. Danielle is a professional who likes nothing more than to learn new technologies and solve logical challenges. She has worked with some of the leading companies in Israel, many of them global powerhouses, and now she is part of RavenDB's Studio team.

Ronit Borchard

Ronit is a senior bookkeeper. She brings to Hibernating Rhinos a wealth of experience working with international import and export companies. Along with her passion for work, Ronit loves to travel throughout Israel, see the world, and have lots of fun with her closest friends.

Rafał Kwiatkowski

Rafal is a graphic designer and and a CSS expert. Experienced in animation, web and print design. Searches for a perfect blend of design and practicality. His favorite colors range from #000 to #FFF. Loves design, typography, gadgets, sci-fi and fantasy. Finds inspiration in music.

Proud father of a lovely daughter.

Arkadiusz Paliński

Arkadiusz is a senior software developer that joined the world of software development in 2010 and RavenDB team in 2012. He gained experience by developing other sophisticated Hibernating Rhinos solutions.

Now as a member of a RavenDB team he is taking care of server-side issues and enjoys solving concurrency problems.

David Ben Horin

David Ben Horin is the Hibernating Rhinos CD, content dude. HubSpot certified for Inbound Marketing, he has been working in digital marketing for over 10 years. He has experience in Wall Street, FinTech, Mobile Applications, and Personal Finance. A coding hobbyist, some of his websites and web apps are pretty interesting. He is also our technical writer.

David loves to write, and is an avid reader. He collects metaphors in his spare time. He is married with three children. 

Paweł Pekról

Paweł is an experienced software development enthusiast that is working in the industry since 2009 and has joined RavenDB team in 2012. Paweł spent pre-RavenDB period writing applications for e-Goverment sector in the USA.

Currently he leads RavenDB team in Poland and enjoys working on server-side and solving non-trivial problems in particular.

Efrat Shenhar

Efrat Shenhar works on the Hibernating Rhinos' development team as a software developer. Her academic education and past experience makes her a perfect fit for our young and dynamic team. Shenhar graduated from the Technion – Israel Technology Institute with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and boasts experience in reading, analyzing and converting DVBT/TS streams, in addition to having worked with Linux and Unix systems.

Efrat is married, loves to bake, play tennis and create new games for her pets.

Idan Shalom

Idan Shalom is a gamer at heart, always pushing the limits of his skills in dynamic environments, which is why he likes the world of software: there are always new and evolving challenges. Idan has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Netanya Academic College, and has been able to accumulate vast and diverse experience in his short professional career. He has mainly worked with Python and C# on the server side, and in Javascript, HTML, and CSS on the client side.

Shalom is married and has one child, and likes nothing better than to play computer games in his spare time.

Idan has joined the development team of Hibernating Rhinos and works with the RavenDB Python Client.