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Become a NoSQL Expert in No Time!

Learn NoSQL Online Free

RavenDB Bootcamp is a free, self-directed learning course designed to get you comfortable using NoSQL.

You will learn how to use RavenDB to create fully-functional real-world programs on NoSQL Databases. We will walk you through the steps in understanding the next generation of database.

Try to go through one or two lessons per day. In a matter of weeks you will be proficient in NoSQL and RavenDB!


Unit 1 - Fundamentals

Learn how to install RavenDB on your machine. We provided an embedded sample database, which you can use you can use for your learning process with minimal effort. Write some code to connect to the database, store, load, modify and delete documents.

Unit 4 - Database Clusters

Learn the basics about how to set up, manage and use clusters using RavenDB.

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