So you've decided you want to learn RavenDB. That's great!

RavenDB Bootcamp is a free, self-directed learning course, designed specifically for this purpose.

In just three units you will learn how to use RavenDB to create fully-functional, real-world programs with NoSQL Databases. If you are unfamiliar with NoSQL, don't worry, we will provide you with all the information you need.

We suggest you go through at least one lesson per day, but you can choose your own pace.


Unit 1 - Fundamentals

Learn how to install RavenDB on your machine. We provided an embedded sample database, which you can use you can use for your learning process with minimal effort. Write some code to connect to the database, store, load, modify and delete documents.

Unit 2 - Beyond the basics

Learn how to easily perform complex queries using RavenDB (without any additional tools). Understand what is Map-Reduce and how to use it efficiently.

Unit 3 - Almost advanced!

Build powerful solutions and obtain better performance with improved safety and truly reactive user interfaces.