Buy RavenDB NoSQL Database

Community Free
Professional $ 828 a year
per core
Enterprise $ 1,458 a year
per core
Cloud Get started Free
1 Community licenses are provided free of charge and under the terms and conditions of The "End User License Agreement for RavenDB Software (the "EULA")". Limited to 60 cores per customer entity, including its subsidiaries.
2 P30+ but can be enabled for lower instances.
3 Higher values are available with a custom quote.
4 Amount of memory available in the license depends on the number of bought cores. For each core you obtain 6GB of RAM for Professional and 12 GB of RAM for Enterprise license.
5 Additional fee required.
6 Available in the following tiers: Development, Production (P30 or higher).
Yearly license refers to a subscription period of 12 months.

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Suitable for

  • Development
  • CI purposes (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity)
  • QA purposes
    (cannot take place on production/staging/UAT)

License Specifications

  • Enterprise-level set of features
  • Number of cores 9
  • Max RAM 36 GB
  • Max nodes 3

Usage restrictions

  • Not applicable for commercial use
  • Certificates exceeding 4 months expiration period are not allowed
  • Automatic renewal of Let’s Encrypt certificates is disabled
  • License must be renewed every 6 months