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We’ve put together a free package exclusively for lecturers and their students to help promote awareness and understanding of NoSQL database systems – how they work, what problems they solve, and the new opportunities they present.

Relational databases have been the dominant database model since the days of disco, and the focus of education has rightly reflected that. But data has changed. NoSQL models are rapidly becoming not only more popular but increasingly necessary to handle the vast quantities and variety of today’s data. To ensure educators aren’t left hanging while teaching materials catch up with modern technology, we’re providing a selection of valuable resources to help fill the gap.


What comes in your free package?

CEO Guest Lecture
A guest lecture from RavenDB CEO Oren Eini (aka Ayende). Not just a CEO, Oren is a lifelong software developer and renowned database expert, with invaluable insights and experience in the field.

Educator License
A powered-up license that gives you access to all the features of RavenDB, as well as increased max cores, ram, and nodes. It can be renewed yearly with a click.

Student Licenses
A free upgraded license for each of your students. These are the same as your Educator license, but they expire after 6 months. Upon expiry, students will be given the option to renew them as free Developer Licenses.


Tailored demo
A free tailored demo with one of our developers. You’ll be able to ask any questions and get expert guidance and insights into RavenDB.

2 hours of direct support from RavenDB’s core development team to help get you started. (Of course, you can always seek help on our community forum – our devs keep a close eye on it.)

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