Inside RavenDB Book

Inside RavenDB

Oren Eini, CEO of RavenDB, shares everything you need to know about the latest version of his distributed, non-relational document database. This is a book-length blog post. It is designed not only to give you full knowledge of what RavenDB does, but also all the reasoning behind each feature.

About the Book

Inside RavenDB 4.0 explains all the whys, like why RavenDB is fully transactional, high performance, and NoSQL – one of the only databases on the market to include so much. Based on over a decade working with databases, Oren discusses why he made it a priority that RavenDB require as little overhead as possible from its users. You’ll have the knowledge and skills to make efficient use of RavenDB in your systems.

Enjoy this easy-read from your favorite Ayende blogger. Don’t expect only dry documentation or reference. Inside RavenDB 4.0 is packed with the musings from one of the pioneers of the NoSQL Database.

Oren Eini
Basics of RavenDB Basics of RavenDB
Going Beyond-Relational Data Modeling Going Beyond-Relational Data Modeling
Security Security
Distributed Data in a multi-node Cluster Distributed Data in a multi-node Cluster
And a lot more! And a lot more!

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