NoSQL database use cases


Yet Another Bug Tracker Series

NoSQL is not hard, it’s different. And to show that, RavenDB and Alex Klaus kick off a new series of articles dedicated to building enterprise applications leveraging the .NET Core + RavenDB bundle.

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" Developer-Friendly Document Database.* "
Director, Education Industry
" We're using RavenDB in a production system, which stores millions of documents.* "
Director, Education Industry
" If you do .NET and you are looking for a fast document database RavenDB is your no. 1 choice.* "
Database Expert, Government Industry
" The storage engine is very robust. I think I haven't lost a single document due to application crashes or power outages yet.* "
Senior Software Engineer
" Quite simply, there is no other document database in the market that rivals RavenDB.* "
Co-Founder & CTO, Energy and Utilities Industry
" We average 1-2ms execution time for any query.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" A very powerful and incredibly fast document store when leveraged properly.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" It's easy to deploy, and incredibly fast.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" Great product and good support. Would recommend to others ahead of some of the big name offerings.* "
Director, Services Industry
" I like that it is a JSON structured database which for me, a front-end developer, makes it much easier to work with and use. I don't need to learn a new database language.* "
President, Services Industry
" Give it a try and see how easy it is to use.* "
President, Services Industry
" Trustworthy database that just works!* "
CTO, Services Industry
" Perfect fit for our rapid release cycles* "
Senior Technical Consultant - R&D in the Services Industry
" The best developer experience I've ever encountered; everyone else should take notes.* "
Software Engineer in the Services Industry
" RavenDB is a good simple to use database solution for online apps* "
President in the Services Industry
" RavenDB Is Amazing For Developer Productivity And Getting To Market Fast!* "
Chief Software Architect, Manufacturing Industry
" Very Fast And Easy* "
Web Developer, Retail
" We're able to quickly query data without having to build special functionality, which has saved us countless hours of development time.* "
Director of Software Engineering
" Installation And Configuration Is Easy.* "
Senior DBA
" Easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage. No ceremony in code, no boilerplate code - just creating simple DTO and saving. Quering event simple - just LINQ. Management UI in browser is simple and powerful at same time.* "
Full Stack Developer, R&D
" We didn't need the complicated ORM frameworks , it just works.* "
VP Engineering, Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
" Performance Is Awesome And Cloud Implementation A Breeze.* "
VP Engineering, Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
" RavenDB provides an excellent experience for .NET developers. The API is clean and easy to use.* "
Lead Software Architect
" Great Product And Support! We love RavenDB!* "
Sr. Software Architect, Healthcare
" RavenDB has a way of making their users get a firm grip on their software product. since I started using this NoSQL database it has simplified my work due to the good info and commands.* "
Senior Developer, Communications
" RavenDB helps to store very complex models in a much easier way. It's definitely user friendly and a lot of documentation to work database syntax.* "
CEO, Finance
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