NoSQL database use cases


How ESO Provides Reliable Tech for Emergency Workers in the Field

14 minutes

RavenDB provides ESO with HIPAA compliance, on/off-line functionality, and the ability to automatically respond to data events in their field device solutions for emergency responders. Devices that are equipped with their app and a server continue to work without interruption whenever offline, data integrity is maintained, and data events are automatically securely streamed to and from a cloud infrastructure whenever devices are online.

Beatman's decade of success with RavenDB

Beatman’s Decade of Success with RavenDB

13 minutes

Beatman is a software development company that has been using RavenDB as its database of choice for the last decade. RavenDB’s performance, DevOps simplicity, and wide range of features have helped them take countless high-quality software products to market faster than their competitors could dream of.

Yet Another Bug Tracker Series

Yet Another Bug Tracker Series

4 minutes

NoSQL is not hard, it’s different. And to show that, RavenDB and Alex Klaus kick off a new series of articles dedicated to building enterprise applications leveraging the .NET Core + RavenDB bundle.

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" Developer-Friendly Document Database.* "
Director, Education Industry
" We're using RavenDB in a production system, which stores millions of documents.* "
Director, Education Industry
" If you do .NET and you are looking for a fast document database RavenDB is your no. 1 choice.* "
Database Expert, Government Industry
" The storage engine is very robust. I think I haven't lost a single document due to application crashes or power outages yet.* "
Senior Software Engineer
" Quite simply, there is no other document database in the market that rivals RavenDB.* "
Co-Founder & CTO, Energy and Utilities Industry
" We average 1-2ms execution time for any query.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" A very powerful and incredibly fast document store when leveraged properly.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" It's easy to deploy, and incredibly fast.* "
Lead Security Architect – Special Project, Services Industry
" Great product and good support. Would recommend to others ahead of some of the big name offerings.* "
Director, Services Industry
" I like that it is a JSON structured database which for me, a front-end developer, makes it much easier to work with and use. I don't need to learn a new database language.* "
President, Services Industry
" Give it a try and see how easy it is to use.* "
President, Services Industry
" Trustworthy database that just works!* "
CTO, Services Industry
" Perfect fit for our rapid release cycles* "
Senior Technical Consultant - R&D in the Services Industry
" The best developer experience I've ever encountered; everyone else should take notes.* "
Software Engineer in the Services Industry
" RavenDB is a good simple to use database solution for online apps* "
President in the Services Industry
" RavenDB Is Amazing For Developer Productivity And Getting To Market Fast!* "
Chief Software Architect, Manufacturing Industry
" Very Fast And Easy* "
Web Developer, Retail
" We're able to quickly query data without having to build special functionality, which has saved us countless hours of development time.* "
Director of Software Engineering
" Installation And Configuration Is Easy.* "
Senior DBA
" Easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage. No ceremony in code, no boilerplate code - just creating simple DTO and saving. Quering event simple - just LINQ. Management UI in browser is simple and powerful at same time.* "
Full Stack Developer, R&D
" We didn't need the complicated ORM frameworks , it just works.* "
VP Engineering, Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
" Performance Is Awesome And Cloud Implementation A Breeze.* "
VP Engineering, Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
" RavenDB provides an excellent experience for .NET developers. The API is clean and easy to use.* "
Lead Software Architect
" Great Product And Support! We love RavenDB!* "
Sr. Software Architect, Healthcare
" RavenDB has a way of making their users get a firm grip on their software product. since I started using this NoSQL database it has simplified my work due to the good info and commands.* "
Senior Developer, Communications
" RavenDB helps to store very complex models in a much easier way. It's definitely user friendly and a lot of documentation to work database syntax.* "
CEO, Finance
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