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NoSQL is not hard, it’s different. And to show that, RavenDB and Alex Klaus kick off a new series of articles dedicated to building enterprise applications leveraging the .NET Core + RavenDB bundle. Click on the first article to get started.

2. NoSQL Data Model Through the DDD Prism

NoSQL Data Model. Practical modelling of the same database for a traditional SQL and a NoSQL. Comparison of the two approaches and their alignment with the DDD (Domain Driven Design).

3. Hidden side of document IDs in RavenDB

How to pass document IDs in the URL, mask the ID, drop the prefix, expose nested references, store processed IDs in the DB records, customise the ID, GUID, customise the ID convention, collect name, artificial ID.

5. Entity Relationships in NoSQL (one-to-many, many-to-many)

Designing ‘one-to-many’ and ‘many-to-many’ relationships to reduce read operations on querying the data. Based on a YABT example of relationships between Users, Backlog Items, and Comments. Each approach was considered from various angles taking into account the performance, operational costs, time/costs of development and maintenance.