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Document-oriented database for startups offers solution for 27 dollars

Document-oriented Database for Startups Solution for a Handful of Dollars

by Oren Eini

RavenDB Shared Instances Get You Started for Less than a Sushi Dinner

RavenDB, the database for startups, enables entrepreneurs and project managers alike to provision a 3-node production cluster for as low as $27 to get you up and running with ease. Starting with a document-oriented database will save you in complexity, cost, and can shorten your time to market while reducing your DevOps cycle.

Today’s economic situation is a call to arms for developers, entrepreneurs, and doers of every kind.

Over the last decade, it was us — the innovators, that got the world out of its economic mess. The app developers who lived in their offices. The startup entrepreneurs who traded sleep for success. The project managers who made sure yesterday’s dreams transformed into today’s reality.

Now, a new generation of solutions will fuel post-COVID prosperity.

It will be from people who refuse to waste time, money, or resources on cloud platforms, expensive coffee, or an overdemanding database so they can put every available resource into the next disruption of the decade.

RavenDB is introducing a way to get started on your next dream with total ease: shared instances for RavenDB Cloud.

We are giving you the cloud equivalent of starting your company in your parent’s garage.

Low Cost Shared Instances on a Document-oriented Database

RavenDB vs MongoDB: Performance, Cost, and Complexity

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When you don’t need the full machine, why pay the full price? Especially when you are just starting on a new project, why pay for things you don’t need right now if your cloud instance can scale you out on a moment’s notice?

On Azure, a shared instance can cost you $32 a month. On AWS, it will cost $27. You get a full production cluster with three nodes, high availability, and the complete set of RavenDB features.

Shared instances are where you share a piece of provisioned hardware with another user. Now I know that neighbors can be pleasant or rowdy. One day you sleep peacefully. The next day you find out the guy is into heavy metal, and your walls are fragile.

RavenDB makes sure to soundproof your walls. For those short intervals when your neighbor is using more space than expected, RavenDB load balancers will transfer work from this specific node to other nodes that are not experiencing the problem.

At all times, your cluster will be working efficiently at top performance.

Shared instances are also very flexible. You can expand or reduce your capacity at will.

At any moment, you can say, “My load is too high for what I am currently provisioning. Let’s increase the instance. Let’s move from the shared to the basic.” You can double or triple the amount of resources that you have available for your workload.

The best part, it doesn’t require complex machinery or multiple days to take hold. You can request a capacity increase and make yourself a cup of coffee. By the time you take the first sip, your cluster has been upgraded.

Instead of having to commit upfront for a big bill at the end of the month, you can start small and grow as needed. Only take on more when your app is ready for it.

Using the Right Database for Startups and New Projects

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RavenDB is easy to use and knows that a database should just work so you can concentrate on your application and the information it is processing for your users. As a document-oriented database, you don’t need a schema, so it takes less time to ready your first release. When you need to make fundamental changes in future releases, it comes with limited complexity and no hassle.

Use RavenDB Cloud to delegate your database chores of maintaining hardware servers, installation, configuration, monitoring internals, and security, managing your database’s performance, high-availability, backups, patches, costs, and updates to us so you can focus on your application and get it to market sooner.

If your next project has any of these requirements, take out a shared instance for less cost than a kilogram of walnuts:

  • Cost-conscious
  • Don’t need the full machine
  • Expecting pleasant surprises like a spike in traffic
  • A new project with lots of variables
  • Beta testing
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