Enjoy Our Full Support

Enjoy Our Full Support

by Oren Eini

It is a core value of ours to provide your team with full technical support whenever you need it. While this presents the potential for me to make extra money off of you, I believe that would be counterproductive. My aim is to build a database that minimizes issues, so you can spend more time developing your application.

The Bottom Line

Our business model views tech support as a cost, not a new source of revenue. This focuses us to economize these costs by developing our database with the goal of providing as many built in fixes so you can spend less time on the phone with us trying to repair a paralyzed application. We understand that by reducing the time you need support, RavenDB shortens your release cycle and helps you get your app out ahead of the competition.

This provides real impact on your bottom line.

Your Time and Money are Important

In our experience with databases, we noticed that if you plan your database with too many knobs to turn or levers to pull, sooner or later the developers building apps around this database will have all sorts of questions for tech support on why everything isn’t working.

For the database developers, it’s a cash bonanza. For you, it can be a burden on your developer’s time, and certainly on your company’s resources.

We built our database with this in mind: to provide the best tech support when you need it, but to develop RavenDB to fix the most common problems before a developer even encounters them so you need that support at little as possible. We have been in business since the very beginning of NoSQL databases. We have seen it all, and then some. We know that a lot of the most common issues can be fixed by developing automatic built in solutions into your database that resolve these issues before they put a roadblock in your path.

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We know where the potholes are. Instead of waiting for you to step in them, we made sure to pave the road. As a result, you need tech support a lot less. The amount of tech support our clients need has dropped so much, we now charge a lot less for it.

It gives us the chance to use this as a barometer of our most prized metric: making life easy for you. If the amount of time our support staff is fixing problems increases, then we know there are new issues which we need to build auto-fixes for. If the amount of support stays the same or keeps diminishing, it means that your development team has the resources to be more productive in releasing your next game-changing app.

Easy to Use, Simple to Maintain

A NoSQL Database on Black Friday: The Gift that Keeps Giving

The primary values a NoSQL database are supposed to deliver are speed and scalability. If you need to call us every time you want either one, we are not getting it right. Our mission is to be rewarded by your patronage for delivering a database that you can set up and scale out effectively and efficiently. A database that will meet all of your needs today, tomorrow, and for years to come at an economical cost and an superior ROI.

RavenDB 4.0 is an open source NoSQL document database that specializes in online transaction processing (OLTP). RavenDB is fully transactional (ACID), and compatible with legacy SQL RMDBs. You can have the best of SQL while enjoying high performance, a distributed data cluster, flexibility, and scalability with low overhead that comes with a top of the line NoSQL solution. RavenDB is an easy to use all-in-one database, striving to minimize your need for third party applications, tools, or support.

RavenDB has a built-in storage engine, Voron, that operates at speeds up to 1,000,000 writes per second on a single node. You can build high-performance, low-latency applications quickly and efficiently. Grab RavenDB 4.0 for free, and get 3 cores, our state of the art GUI, and a 6 gigabyte RAM database with up to a 3-server cluster up and running for your next project.

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