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Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Ask not what your application can do for your database. Ask what your database can do for your application!

RavenDB Whitepaper

Using your application on the cloud creates a world of new opportunities. There are also a lot of unexpected challenges along the way. Deciding on the right database as a service can determine the bulk of your budget and the fate of your performance.

Let RavenDB guide you to the best cloud optimization journey to make sure that every task which can be delegated to your DBaaS solution, is moved to your cloud service so you can dedicate more time and resources to perfecting your application.

In this report, you will learn about:
  • What the cloud delivers to your application
  • The Cost and Operational advantages of working on the cloud
  • The features that are unique to RavenDB Cloud
  • How RavenDB cuts costs for your cloud operations
  • Working with Distributed Data over the cloud

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