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RavenDB Point of Sale Database

RavenDB Whitepaper

The Point of Sale (POS) is the moment of truth that your business relies on for its sustainability and growth. It is either when a visitor gives you his money and becomes a customer, or when he joins the one out of five prospective purchasers who abandon their cart, get impatient waiting, or leave the store. The Point of Sale is that critical step where both performance and service capacity must be optimally achieved!

RavenDB provides you with a series of powerful tools for diagnosing the immediate business environment for your business as a whole, as well as for sectors and regions within your business, respectively. It enables you to exactly locate the weaknesses there are to shore up, opportunities there are to be seized, and the potential of successes which you can build upon.

Our POS database is designed to empower each and every member of an enterprise – from the cashiers, the floor manager, the branch leader, the regional executive, all the way up to the global business analysts, CTO and the CEO – with the informative tools they need for helping to keep your business moving ahead at the speed of information.

In the following report, you will explore and learn everything you need to know about,
  • Distributed Database Networks: How to be everywhere at once!
  • Using newer technology on older machines
  • Leveraging your database to improve customer service
  • Detect changes in your business environment, faster than ever before
  • Replacing the outdated “pencil & paper” database with something digital
  • Keeping your release cycle tight
  • Security, Security, Security
  • Use cases: RavenDB’s impact on 37,000 enterprises globally.

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