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The Point of Sale is the moment of truth for your business.

It is when your user gives you his or her money and becomes a customer, or joins the one in five prospective purchasers who abandon their cart, get impatient waiting, or leave the store. Point of Sale is where performance and service must be at its peak.

RavenDB gives you powerful tools in diagnosing the immediate business environment for your business as a whole and for sectors and regions within your business, letting you know exactly where there are weaknesses to shore up, opportunities to be seized, and successes which you can build upon.

Our point of sale database is designed to empower everyone, from the register operators and the floor manager, the branch leader, regional executive, global business analysts, the CTO and the CEO to keep your business moving at the speed of information.

In this report, you will learn about:
  • Distributed Database Network: Being Everywhere at Once
  • Using Newer Technology on Older Machines
  • Leveraging Your Database to give better customer service
  • Detect Changes in Your Business Environment Faster than Ever
  • Replacing the Pencil and Paper Database with Something Digital
  • Keeping Your Release Cycle Tight
  • Security, Security, Security
  • Use Case: RavenDB in 37,000 Places
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