Coronavirus update: Hibernating Rhinos is offering 2 months of FREE RavenDB support

by Oren Eini

The coronavirus is a global epidemic and has had impact on the entire world. It has shaken the foundations of our society and has made things that would seem like bad science fiction a reality. The fact that most of the world is now under some form of quarantine is something that I would expect to see in a disaster movie, not in real life. And if we are in a disaster movie, I would like to jump over to the next scene please, and to formally submit a protest to the writers’ union.

Like everyone else, we have had to adjust to a very different mode of operations. Hibernating Rhinos is a distributed company, in the sense that we have teams working in different countries and continents. However, the majority of our people work in one of two offices (in Israel and in Poland). We have recently moved to a brand new office space which I’m incredibly proud of, which now sits empty. Given the needs of the current times, we have shifts to fully remote work across the board. Beyond the upheaval of normal life, we see that many customers and users are facing the same challenges as we do.

For that purpose, I have decided to offer all RavenDB customers two months of free support, to help navigate the challenges ahead. A lot of organizations are scrambling, because the usual workflow is interrupted and things aren’t as they used to. In these trying time, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to make use of RavenDB. 

This offer applies to support for RavenDB on your own machines as well as RavenDB Cloud.

With the hope that we would look back at this as we now look at Y2K, I would like to close by urging you to be safe.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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