Prevent Your Cloud Bill from Costing More than Your Mortgage

Cloud Expenses Managment with NoSQL Database

by Oren Eini

The experts tell us that migrating to the cloud should save you, on average, 16% of your IT budget. Some say you can double, even triple that number if you do it right.

But one wrong move and before you even know it, all of those savings are wasted. Your cloud bill now cost double what you pay for your mortgage.

Don’t you hate getting nickeled and dimed into the red by cloud providers?

Over the past year, three out of every four large businesses experienced unpleasant surprises on a monthly cloud bill.

Can you afford it to happen to you?

On the cloud, we pay for everything.

We are on the hook for instances, storage, and network traffic. There are several reasons why most companies report an unexpected spike in their cloud bill over the past year. Any of these variables can have an unexpected spike for the following reasons:

1. As your business grows, you need more resources, and a one-time anomaly can have a more serious cost impact.

2. An attack, like a DDoS that spikes your site usage, can send costs through the roof. If that happens, some cloud providers will refund your money, and others won’t. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your cash.

3. One of the third-party layers of your application might decide to do something different in its next version. They could choose to offer an additional feature that has little to do with what you bought the thing for but gives them insight about their next new product.

You wind up paying for their product testing by requiring twice the memory. Right about when they get their results, you get your next cloud bill.

The Biggest Demand on the Cloud

One of the critical layers in any application is the database layer. It is responsible for transferring data, storing it, and computing the information in your application.

It can be the origin of many an unpleasant spike or the source of consistency and predictability in your cloud costs.

You need an information solution that has the following to keep cloud expenses tamed:

The ability to work fast on older machines. If you can move your data just as quickly provisioning an older machine or a smaller machine, you save money without compromising the level of service you give your users.

Fast Performance. The faster your database, the less you spend.

Get everything. The proper database must do everything except for putting data in and getting it out. It must take responsibility for provisioning, the setup, the security, monitoring the system, managing update patches, backups, and more.

Always lightweight. Every new version of your database consumes the same amount of memory.

Shared instances. Shared instances are where your database cloud instance works like a co-working office. You only pay for what you use, no more. You can even split a singular instance. If you need more, at any time, you can instantly scale up. As you build up to that point, you only pay for the portion of the instance you require.

Take a demo of RavenDB with a live developer to answer all your questions and start saving money on the cloud today.

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