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RavenDB 5.4 is out

by Oren Eini

That actually happened over a month ago, but I’m afraid that July / August hasn’t been kind of either my attention span or the ability to actually keep track of what is happening. September is around the corner (at which point the summer vacation would be over and I’m already looking forward to some blessed routine).

The 5.4 release is a Long Term Support release, meaning that we encourage users to move their applications to use that version.

Note: support for RavenDB 5.3 will terminate on Jan 23 and the 5.2 release (also an LTS) will move to legacy support model a year after the 5.4 release.

This release brings to the table, aside from the usual minor fixes and improvements, a few major new features. The primary one is a favorite of mine, internally named etl2q. In other words, it is a native ETL support in RavenDB to push messages to Kafka and RabbitMQ. I did a whole webinar on the topic, you can watch it here.

We also added support for pulling data directly from RavenDB into Grafana, so you can create great dashboards and visualizations on your data, like so:

Dashboard screen

You can deploy RavenDB 5.4 instances in the cloud or on premise, and we have some additional goodies hidden under the engine that we are still working on.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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