A history of saving you money

A Database that Saves Money

by Oren Eini

And capitalizes on new features on the cloud without harassing you every six months with higher prices.

The elite can afford to solve any problem by simply throwing money at it. What about the rest of us who have to carefully measure the expense against the benefit for every decision? What about startups and small businesses that have a scarcity of both time and money and must use both very wisely?

Should people who work eighty to a hundred hours a week to make their dreams come true be penalized because they haven’t received their third round of venture financing just yet?

We want you to win every step of your journey. That’s why RavenDB has a celebrated history of dedication to saving you money at every stage of your application’s and organization’s development.

Our NoSQL document database triumphantly stares down the ultimate challenge: continuously evolving technology expanding the universe of demands on managing your information at acceptable performance and efficient cost.

We meet these demands by producing a steady stream of new features without harassing you every six months for more money.

Efficient Database Performance

For starters, we run exceptionally well on older machines. A lot of our clients work on projects expected to operate for 7-10 years. At the tail end of these undertakings, the machines become outdated.

To keep performance robust in the face of increasing data coming in onto rapidly aging machines, we needed to do as much as we can with as little as possible.

We expanded this to include efficient performance on smaller machines. A RavenDB cluster works efficiently over a Raspberry Pi, enabling you to spend much less on your servers while continuing to enjoy a good performance.

On the cloud, you can provision fewer resources and enjoy the same results.

Save 50% on Database Cloud Costs

Another way to save money is to possess a single solution you would typically have to pay multiple vendors to obtain.

RavenDB is multi-model, giving you document, time series, graph, and key-value data models in one place. You also have native map-reduce, full-text search, auto-indexing, auto caching, and a state-of-the-art GUI that shows you how every node in your database performs all on a single screen.

You can use our OLAP ETL to push all the data you collect with RavenDB onto a data lake for business intelligence analysis. Data compression, especially for time series data ingestion, saves 50% on cloud storage costs.

We are also lightweight, resistant to requiring more memory with each new update.

High Performance Database, Lower Price

A classic example is how Rakuten Kobo, Inc, an eBook retailer, compared RavenDB to Couchbase. Rakuten challenged both databases to handle 1.35 billion documents, 69 million users, and 734 million downloads of books, each with its unique set of text highlights inside to simulate their library.

RavenDB required 33% of the hardware resources, took a fraction of the time to ingest the data, and produced 80% cloud cost savings.

RavenDB was able to handle gracefully 10,000 requests per second with a latency below 200ms on a 2TB database using an ARM Graviton processor (2 cores, 8 GB of RAM) at an annualized cost of $1,185 + storage costs for the entire cluster, giving Rakuten high performance at a lower price.

Keeping Up with the Cloud

The raven is a master of the skies. It glides among the clouds after a just few strokes of their wings.

We also are adept at conquering the clouds. Cloud platforms come up with new updates and features that require your database to capitalize on.

We were recently able to take advantage of a new disk type from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Their new GP3 disks are about 20% cheaper than their GP2 equivalent, and they come with a guaranteed level of performance by giving you about twice the IOPs you get out of the GP2 types.

But what happens when you can read data faster than the disk enables you to write it? Can your database successfully adapt to the new cloud improvement at no added cost or frustration?

RavenDB has built-in optimizations like data compression that will balance how fast you are reading data with how quickly you are writing it, maintaining your steady performance.


Instead of having to choose whether or not to throw money at a problem, we strive to make sure you don’t have those types of problems in the first place. A decade of cost enhancements gives you a database with one of the highest levels of ROI, enabling you to invest your resources into everything that makes your product special.

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