RavenDB ranked #1 NoSQL Database by TrustRadius

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RavenDB beats out MongoDB, Couchbase, and Cassandra for the top spot among NoSQL databases in a leading business technology review hub, ranking RavenDB as the best NoSQL database.

June 28, 2021, Austin, Texas:

TrustRadius, a leading portal of business technology with over 300,000 reviews declared RavenDB the highest-ranked NoSQL database.

RavenDB has emerged as the leading distributed document database, rolling out its own cloud service, Time Series model for the Internet of Things and machine learning data processing, and most recently, adding an OLAP plugin to enable users to not only process and store data, but to push that information onto data lakes for business analysis.

“After completing RavenDB 5.2, enabling hundreds of startups to get developers back to work, and rolling out our OLAP ETL to give users the best of both worlds, this is another fine feather in our cap. I am pleased to continue to serve the great developer community with a database that makes their life easier” said RavenDB CEO, Oren Eini.

Adam Nemitoff, one of the software developers reviewing RavenDB agreed, “I use RavenDB for all my projects that require data persistence. Document store databases solve the problem of programming model/persistence model impedance. RavenDB has an amazing feature set that sets it apart from its competitors. The power and speed provided by its dynamic indexing make writing complex and performant queries smile. And the focus on security and resiliency inspires tons of confidence.”

The database team has turned its attention to RavenDB 6.0, which will feature data sharding. The release is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

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