RavenDB Sharding Progress

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RavenDB Sharding is now running as a production replication in our backend systems and we are stepping up our testing in a real-world environment.

We are now also publishing nightly builds of RavenDB 6.0, including Sharding support.


There are some known (minor) issues in the Studio, which we are busy fixing, but it is already possible to create and manage sharded clusters. As usual, we would love your feedback.

Here are some of the new features that I’m excited about, you can see that we have an obese bucket here, far larger than all other items:


And we can drill down and find why:


We have quite a few revisions of a pretty big document, and they are all obviously under a single bucket.

You can now also get query timings information across the entire sharded cluster, like so:


And as you can see, this will give you a detailed view of exactly where the costs are.

You can get the nightly build and start testing it right now. We would love to hear from you, especially as you test the newest features.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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