Recent podcasts & videos

by Oren Eini

It turns out that there were quite a lot podcasts and videos that we took part of recently, enough that I didn’t get to talk about all of them. This post is to clear the queue, so to speak.

  1. What Is a noSQL Database? – Dejan, our developer advocate, is discussing the high level details of non relational databases and how they fit into the ecosystem.

  2. Getting started with RavenDB – Dejan is talking about how to get started using RavenDB, including live demos.

  3. Applying BDD techniques using RavenDB – Dejan will show you how you can build a behavior driven design system while leaning on RavenDB’s capabilities.

  4. Live demoing RavenDB – I talk about RavenDB and take you for a walk through all its features. This video is close to two hours and cover many of the interesting bits of RavenDB and its design.

  5. Interview with Oren Eini – Here I talk about my career and how I got to building RavenDB

  6. The Birth of RavenDB – This is a podcast in which I discuss in details how I got started working in the databases field and how I ended up here Smile.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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