Migrating to RavenDB 4.1 in 36,000 Locations October 26, 2018

Migrating to RavenDB 4.1 in 36,000 Locations

by Oren Eini October 26, 2018
Migrating to RavenDB 4.1 in 36,000 Locations

After using RavenDB 2.5 for five years, it was time to upgrade to their latest 4.1 version. Our QSR platform currently operates with RavenDB embedded in more than 36,000 locations worldwide. We wanted to take advantage of RavenDB 4.1’s improved performance, native Voron storage engine, and improved tolerance to ungraceful shutdowns. We knew that upgrading from 2.5 straight to 4.1 would not be an easy task, but the new version presented us a huge opportunity to position our business towards accelerated innovation, modernization, and cloud capabilities.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why RDI Software chose RavenDB for its QSR platform
  • All the hurdles that massive-scale deployments add to the mix
  • How the migration to Version 4.1 enables the future vision of our platform
  • What were the trade-offs we had to make in moving from one version to the next

RavenDB is the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider. Quick to install and simple to secure, RavenDB gives you rapid scalability with a distributed data cluster. You can use RavenDB in tandem with a relational database using our ETL Replication feature.

Enjoy a Fun Intro Video or Download RavenDB 4.1 for free and get 3 cores, our state of the art GUI, and a 6 gigabyte RAM database with up to a 3-server cluster up and running quickly for your next project.

RavenDB has a built-in storage engine, Voron, that operates at speeds up to 1,000,000 reads and 150,000 writes per second on a single node using simple commodity hardware. With RavenDB, you can build high-performance, low-latency applications quickly and efficiently.

Go schemaless and take advantage of our dynamic indexing to stay agile and keep your release cycle efficient. Expand to IoT by fitting RavenDB onto a Raspberry Pi or an ARM Chip. We perform faster on these smaller servers than anyone else.

RavenDB is ACID across your entire database cluster. It can be used on-premise or in cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.