New RavenDB Cloud features that make your SaaS easier

New Cloud Features that Make your Life Easier

by Mor Hilai

“I just put my application up in the cloud. Something went wrong, now I have to take it down. It’s so complicated it feels like I have to get an airplane up there to touch it. Boy, when they say cloud they really mean cloud. My platform told me that installation and management would be easy as pie. I am thinking great, apple, pecan, pumpkin… I didn’t realize that they were referring to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s not migrate to the cloud, more like migraine to the cloud.” – An exasperated application developer on moving to the cloud.

The primary reason for migrating to the cloud may be cost reduction, but a close second is greater ease of use – especially from your database layer which is supposed to do its work well, and stay silent. Our motto at RavenDB is it just works. We made sure to uphold this standard as we created RavenDB Cloud, our DBaaS solution to make sure your experience on the cloud is a lot better than his.

Quick setup and security. Setting up an instance on the cloud takes all of 2 minutes. Security is included. RavenDB offers top level security for your data in transit and in storage. Protocols inside RavenDB counter common security vulnerabilities. Faster than a YouTube ad, you can get started feeding data into your application. Within 2 minutes you have outsourced all of your backend database operations to the people who developed your database, giving you more time to focus on improving your application.

Universal Accessibility to your database in a secured fashion. You can now access your database from any browser over any device. This gives you massive flexibility in maintaining your database. You can also limit access to just known locations and even restrict access at the network layer. This is addition to the usual security metrics using high end encryption.

2 factor authentication. RavenDB gives you more tools to prevent leakage if you somehow lost just one authentication factor.

To protect your information, we set up 2 factor authentication system. This gives you two keys to your cloud instance.

If someone can access your email, they cannot get to your cloud instance because the additional key they need to authenticate will be on your phone or related device. If they have your phone, they still cannot break into your database because the other key is on your email. This gives you an extra layer of security for your data.

Invite other users to your account. You can now add new users to manage your cloud databases. This is great for teams, leveraging the cloud’s ability to make your cloud instance settings easily accessible to whomever you want. It makes it easy to share cloud management and database responsibilities with other members of the group.

Encrypted Backups. You can store backups on any platform without letting them read the data. Amazon, the parent company of AWS, is the largest retailer in the world. If you are also a retailer and you want to make sure they don’t get to peek at your customer and potential customer records, your data needs to be undecipherable, even for the storage that is holding it.

RavenDB gives you added insurance against anyone poaching your data by giving you encrypted backups. Now you are the only one who can see your data.

10% discount throughout 2019. Nothing makes life easier more than saving money. The average cost savings for projects that migrate to the cloud is 16%. We decided to send you two thirds the distance to the goal line before you even get started. Don’t worry – we offer all sorts of features that can double, even more than triple your cost savings, but this is a good start. For anyone looking to start in 2020, we offer discounts for increased use and time commitments.

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