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The Best Database is The Most Boring Ever

The Best Database is The Most Boring Ever

by Mor Hilai

For 2020 and beyond, developers should use a NoSQL document database that leaves them nothing to do.

When my marketing manager heard our goal for 2020, his jaw dropped to the floor.

An application is like a body. There are parts, like the face, the muscles or body frame that you want others to notice. There are other parts, like the brain, the heart, and your large intestines that you can be pretty sure won’t be visible at first glance.

Someone can say, “Wow, you look great! Have you been running?”

But nobody is known for how sexy their pulmonary arteries are.

Still, if your brain, heart, or even your large intestine are not operating properly, you have some serious problems. You want your internal organs to be boring where they are maintained to the point that they work fine and you don’t have to give them a moments notice.

This frees up more time for you to focus on all your hopes and dreams.

For the past decade, that has been RavenDB’s motto: It just works. Going forward, we want to get even better. RavenDB will make life so simple for you, the Roaring 20’s will transform into the Boring 20’s.

A Boring Database in the Most Charming Manner

Our mission is to be boring in so many ways. From a setup wizard to install, configure, and secure your database in minutes, to a self-managing database in production, we aim to enable applications to use RavenDB for years without even having to know it’s there. Like a healthy heart, your database will pump information throughout your system without you noticing or feeling it.

Ways We Wallflower Inside Your Application

RavenDB strives to be boring in so many ways:

  • Reduce User Workload

One of our highest standards of quality is to simplify the lives of our users by grabbing as much workload from them as we can.

One of our highest standards of quality is to simplify the lives of our users by grabbing as much workload from them as we can. From creating a top of the line GUI that can do almost everything that’s in our API, to including automatic caching and MapReduce as part of RavenDB, we strive to do everything a database can, and a lot of what is related to working with data so our users have more time to focus on their application.

  • InMemory Performance for a Persistent Database that Includes ACID Data Integrity

You don’t have to worry about performance. RavenDB is faster than InMemory databases that don’t even offer ACID guarantees. We do it all behind the scenes. You don’t have to occupy yourself with figuring out how to get more performance on the cloud, so you can provision less, and boost your ROI without changing a thing. This is huge for efficiently, moving your Big Data sets at optimal speed.

  • We Don’t Force You into Complex Integrations

By putting everything inside your database, you don’t have to look for third party applications to do the job you pay your database provider to perform.

We don’t require you to have a billion in cash to compete with those that do.

  • Full text search? It’s in there.
  • MapReduce? Tell the addon to take the day off.
  • Spatial queries, high-availability, data distribution, full blown client APIs, and encryption. It’s yours from day one.
  • We even give you a first-class GUI.

No need for shopping this Black Friday, you’ve got everything you need.

Along with native parts all under the hood, we also have prepackaged and installed solutions for full text search, spatial search, MapReduce, Automatic Caching, Automatic Indexing, Optimistic Concurrency and a lot more. This spares you a lot of complexity and cost as you don’t have to venture outside the walls of your database to do everything it should be doing in the first place.

  • The Cloud can be interesting, but you probably should focus on its business value first

Using RavenDB Cloud, you are responsible for putting your data in and taking it out.

That’s it.

We are responsible for provisioning, setup, security, monitoring the system, managing update patches, backups, scaling up your cluster on demand.

At no additional charge you also get configuration, maintaining hardware servers, managing your database’s performance, high-availability, backups, containing costs, and major updates while you can go back to improving your application.

  • In the coming years, RavenDB Will Transform the Roaring 20’s into the Boring 20’s

RavenDB 5.0 is due out in 2020.

For IOT fans and Big Data devotees, it will include Time Series data processing. RavenDB Cloud will also be available on Google Cloud Platform in 2020, making it available on all major Cloud Providers.

The cloud enables you to financially quantify performance. By putting a cost metric on how fast you are processing your data, you can find ways to reduce that cost. We improved performance over 1,000% in our last major version, and are always looking for ways to keep moving the performance needle forward, which should save you a lot of money. This should give your accountants more time to do other stuff like… what do accountants do in their free time? Count pencils?

There’s even more to the bore!

The definition of boredom is when you have nothing to do. For 2020 and beyond, we want every RavenDB developer to feel that way about managing their data so they can better entertain themselves by making the best application out there.

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