NoSQL ACID Document Database

Managed Cloud Hosting

  • Setup and secure a fully managed cloud database in minutes.
  • Database hosting, management, backups. All in one place.

RavenDB Cloud API

Communicate with our cloud programmatically

RavenDB Cloud API

Communicate with our cloud programmatically and automate the actions you perform on your RavenDB Cloud products.

Easy Management

Enjoy automatic instance setup and maintenance

Easy Management

Open a RavenDB Cloud instance in minutes. Focus on just your data, and we will handle everything on the back end.

Enjoy automatic instance setup, maintenance, and upgrades.

Reliable and Secure

Be sure that your data is safe and sound.

Reliable and Secure

Protect your data in transit and at rest with top-level encryption.

Maintain your data at all times with automatic failover, data backups, and X.509 authentication and authorization.

Flexible Plans

Scale instances as your business grows

Flexible Plans

RavenDB Cloud is available in free, development, and production level tiers.

You also can create your own custom plan. Use RavenDB in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Global Availability

Available on datacenters around the world

Global Availability

Expand your database cluster to every corner of the world, placing nodes to one of our available Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure regions.

Keep latency low and performance high to all of your users in any location.

RavenDB On-Premise

A variety of options to run RavenDB

RavenDB On-Premise

Install RavenDB on your own server, with many platform options to choose from.

Business-grade infrastructure at your fingertips

RavenDB Cloud delivers the world's leading database for modern applications as a fully automated cloud service run by the same developers that build and maintain the database engine.

It simplifies your development as it setups selected hosting provider, creates a cluster, takes care of backups, availability, infrastructure provisioning. While also reducing your overhead.

And with our GUI and simple API it lets you focus more of your resources on building your applications and less time working with your database.


Pay-As-You-Go with RavenDB Cloud on Azure Marketplace

This integration allows you to effortlessly deploy RavenDB directly through Azure, benefiting from streamlined billing, easy scalability, and seamless integration with your existing Azure services.

Start using RavenDB Cloud today on Azure Marketplace to simplify your cloud operations and pay only for what you need.

Quick and Transparent Setup

Pick a service provider, location and we’ll setup the rest. Providing you with a ready-to-go system in just minutes.

Be sure to check out free option, no billing information required!

Easy Product Management

Enjoy automatic instance setup, maintenance and upgrades. All of this without any effort from your side and with 24/7 support.


Scale your instances as your business grows, optimize the costs by taking advantage of our long-term contracts.

Automatic Backups & Security

With high availability, automatic failover, data backups and X.509 authentication and authorization be sure that your data is safe and sound on every possible level.

Cloud API

RavenDB Public Cloud API is a way for you to communicate with our cloud programmatically.

Automate the creation and management of RavenDB clusters without using the browser.

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