Contributing to RavenDB

RavenDB code exist in the following repositories:

  1. The code of the stable version of RavenDB exists here:
  2. The code of the unstable version exists here:
  3. The code of the vNext (v3.5) exists here:
  4. The code of the vNext (v4.0) exists here:

Contributor License Agreement

In order to accept your contribution, we require that you'll send us a signed contributor license agreement to

Code Contributions

Want to be a RavenDB contributor? Yeah! We might send you a RavenDB T-Shirt!

You can pick up an issue from our Issue Tracker. We encourage you to take a look, pick an issue, and fix it! For big changes, be sure to discuss them in our Mailing List and we will provide you with consultancy.

In order to contribute to the code, you'll need to download the code to your machine. This can be done by cloning one our repositories to your machine. You can change then the code and send us a Pull Request on GitHub with the code changes.

Documentation Contributions

We encourage you to contribute to our documentation by fixing issues or writing new content. The documentation repository exists here: This repository contains markdown files and code samples under each version of RavenDB Client. Make sure that you change the documentation of the intended version.