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MapReduce: RavenDB vs MongoDB

MapReduce: RavenDB vs MongoDB

MapReduce lets you process very large amounts of data in a distributed fashion.

It was first developed by Google in the mid-2000s as a method of aggregating data by processing increments of your data at distributed points then sending the results from each point onward to be updated again.

An election is a MapReduce problem.

Each voting station sums up the local results and sends it to the regional location where they send all the results in the region to the head office where they sum up the total tally.

MongoDB uses MapReduce to handle aggregations.

RavenDB uses MapReduce in a slightly different way: To allow you to handle updates to aggregation over time.

Let’s get ready to rumble! In this webinar, we will compare the two databases to see:

What happens when you need complex aggregations?

What happens when you need aggregations that get increasingly complex over time as your data store expands?

Database Developer and Microsoft MVP Oren Eini will take you on a tour of MapReduce aggregations at a large scale to determine which option delivers performance in real-time for producing sum totals, averages, and more.

You will learn:

  • How MapReduce works
  • How you can do complex computations over time at high performance
  • The difference between RavenDB MapReduce and MongoDB MapReduce

Webinar Summary

Going over the data set of 517,400 emails for Enron company for its last years of operation. Comparing RavenDB and MongoDB tracking and aggregating this information.

Looking into documents compression: reducing the size of the dataset to boost performance.

Using MapReduce to conduct the following aggregations:

  • Find emails in the date range
  • Find distinct senders
  • Find all users that a particular user sent emails to
  • Perform full text search on the emails to filter by emails containing a certain string
  • Count message by date

Differences between the anatomies of both database’s MapReduce operations.

Dissecting the steps in creating a MongoDB Aggregate and translating it to C# code.

Query: Give me all the people CEO Kenneth Lay send emails to.

Asking the same question to create a RavenDB MapReduce Aggregate.

Observing the difference in performance with the naked eye.

RavenDB and MongoDB in a full text search query.

When are costs paid for these queries? Comparison of the two.

A viewer asks for a complex MapReduce Aggregation on the spot and Oren Eini codes it in minutes!

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 58 minutes
Published May 29, 2020