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  • The Truth Behind DevOps on the Cloud

    DevOps on the cloud may seem simple enough, but in reality it can be very complex.
  • 6 Ways to Prep Your Database for a Microservices Architecture

    Many organizations today are turning to microservices to ensure greater always-on availability for their applications. But where do you start? Here are 6 ways to prep your database for a microservices architecture.
  • Is Your Database Holding DevOps Back?

    More than half of organizations have a dedicated DevOps team to help them better implement agile strategies, accelerate release cycles and ensure continuous development. However, databases have a habit of holding DevOps back. Those looking to upgrade their database for agile production should evaluate the following...
  • How to Overcome 5 Common Database Challenges

    Choosing the right database can be a challenge in itself thanks to the many options available today. However, once you know the biggest obstacles to spinning your information into gold, you can more easily assess each solution based on how they scale these pitfalls and can push your organization forward.
  • No Need to Worry About "Legacy Loss"

    Did you know that the computer system responsible for the American nuclear arsenal still runs on 8-inch floppy disks? There are two main reasons why older machines still command real estate in the server rooms of large enterprises worldwide.
  • How to Succeed with Legacy Hardware

    Legacy is an interesting term. In general usage, it refers to something of value that has been passed down through the generations. When talking about legacy in technology we have something that was passed down to us, but usually it is neither wanted nor desired.
  • Lessons from the World Cup: It's All About Planning and Execution

    Software development and the World Cup have more in common than you might realize. It's all about planning and execution.
  • RavenDB 4.1 Features: JavaScript Indexes

    This article provides information on how to use JavaScript for indexing within RavenDB, and gives information on the benefits of doing it this way.
  • .NET Rocks with Kamran Ayub Talking about RavenDB V4

    .NET Rocks hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell talk to Kamran Ayub about RavenDB 4.0 and NoSQL. Kamran talks about the evolution of RavenDB from its 2.0 version to its new Enterprise Grade release, his use cases for it, the amazing set of new features you get with 4.0.
  • Why NoSQL is the New Database Darling of DevOps

    By nature, the database—and specifically the data it carries—has to remain stable even as the application code on top of it is changing faster than Donald Trump’s staff.