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Transactional NoSQL database

A Transactional NoSQL Database that Has Everything Inside

Why should your database demand the same headache as that desk you bought from Ikea?

The best database requires no assembly, and there;s no need to get back to the store for additional parts just so you can get started. When you get RavenDB, it arrives whole: once you complete our short setup wizard, just telling us how you want to call the server and how to access it, you’re good to go.

RavenDB comes with its very own storage engine, full-text search engine, Map-Reduce indexing, Graphical User Interface (GUI), built-in security in transit and at rest, ETL Replication, Pull Replication, and even a memory management system for caching and garbage collection.

You don’t have to pay extra for the safety of your data or for any of the other features, or to add on parts like Elasticsearch or Hadoop. In a single transactional NoSQL database, you have an integrated solution that has everything you need and a single point of contact to answer any questions you have along the way.

Advantages to Performance, Cost on the cloud, Ease of Use, and Support

The more a database relies on third party software the less its developers know about the code that goes into their own product. This usually tightens the harness around its performance and functionality.

The advantages in having everything you need in one place are huge:

  1. Homegrown features can tweak the database to create a perfect fit. We maximized performance by remolding RavenDB a little, fitting it perfectly to its own storage engine.
  2. No need for outside integration means less work.
  3. Tech support has nowhere to run. Since both the “addons” and the database itself come from the same people, nobody is going to transfer you somewhere else claiming this is an “outside component’s” fault. This has a huge positive impact on your application release cycle, keeping speed bumps to your next release at a minimum.

Features Built into the RavenDB Fully Transactional NoSQL Database


You don’t need to install Hadoop to perform MapReduce or batch processing. RavenDB will perform first rate aggregates at high performance.

Full Text Search

You don’t have to add on Elasticsearch. RavenDB sports its own text search feature. And there is no need to use Lucene. Instead of adding cost and complexity to your application, RavenDB reduced both.

Profiling Tools

RavenDB includes a native profiler tool that enables you to see the actual behavior of all your indexes, the time it takes each of them to operate, and which indexes can be made to perform better, saving you hardware usage by increasing performance. Monitor index memory usage, reads and writes’ speed per second, CPU allocation and more.
With RavenDB, you have constant opportunities for performance enhancement and cost optimization – especially on the cloud, where you are likely to be charged for memory overutilization and poor performance.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)RavenDB Management Studio

Some databases offer limited functionality for their GUI, forcing you to install more layers. Not RavenDB. Our Management Studio lets you track a wide range of internal metrics on your database, and perform your functions at the click of a mouse.

Voron Storage Engine

Our native storage engine, Voron, gives you 150,000 writes and 1 million reads per second. Developing our own storage engine enables us to tailor it specifically to RavenDB’s needs.

Database Security

Included in our easy to use setup is a database cluster secured with TLS 1.2 that uses X509 client certificate for authentication. Your data is protected both in transit and at rest. RavenDB will also automatically regenerate new security certificates every 2-3 months, keeping up with industry standards for protecting your information.

ETL Replication and Pull Replication

Replicate your data to other nodes, relational databases, and even another NoSQL Database with our ETL Replication feature. You can also Pull data in from another database, allowing an edge unit to initiate a connection to a more central server and thus bypass its own firewall for smooth data transfers over your network.

Memory Management System

RavenDB handles caching, so you get extremely high performance. You don’t have to write the cache. You don’t have to check the longevity of your data store. You don’t need additional caching products from third parties. RavenDB has fully integrated caching for data and indexes.
You can literally forget about memory! With RavenDB it just works.