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Open source NoSQL document database - ease of use

An Open Source NoSQL Document Database that Lets You Sleep at Night

“An Open Source NoSQL Document Database that Lets You Sleep at Night”
Oren Eini

RavenDB is a database that strives to attract as little attention to itself as possible, giving developers more time to work on their applications. It can help you bring your next project to production quickly and effortlessly by providing an easy setup and deployment experience, and by transparently self-managing itself in the background.

As a Document Database, RavenDB gives you the freedom to change your data-structure on the fly at will. There’s no need to outlay schemas in advance, right when you know the least about your project. You simply enter your data and start working, knowing you can alter it as you like at any stage.

RavenDB is designed to take care of everything outside building your application.

Our motto is it just works. We set up everything on the back-end, so you can focus on perfecting your front-end application. The RavenDB Query Language (RQL) is an SQL-like language, adding new syntax for actions related to a document-database model. If you know SQL, you can figure out RQL in a snap.

RavenDB always runs in cluster mode, even when your “cluster” includes only the single server you started with. Expanding it to a 2-node or 3-node cluster requires almost no effort and time, and further expansions are as easy and immediate.

Use our setup wizard to establish your database cluster in a matter of minutes. It will be a secure, authenticated cluster with encrypted communication both in transit and at rest, with encrypted backup and much more.

Watch Oren Eini setting up RavenDB in 10 minutes

A Document Database that Does the Work for You

Trust RavenDB to run unattended, saving you the task of babysitting your database 24/7. Many potential issues are detected and the server will handle them or report them to you – saving you the price and pain of handling issues after they’ve escalated. RavenDB is ideal for embedded solutions, where support may not be immediately available.

Your environment is continuously analyzed, regulated and optimized. The cluster’s state is detected and data management and tasks are shuffled as required.

Queries are brokered by a fully automated indexing system. Each query creates a new index or is matched with an existing one, so reoccurring queries are swiftly served. Map-reduce indexing continuously aggregates existing indexes in the background, so executed queries will use optimized indexes.

RavenDB helps you boost performance, reduce latency and save money on the cloud by minimizing your application’s “trips” to the data store and relieving your network of nonessential loads.

  • Include statements can be used to pre-load related data items.
  • Lazy Requests can be applied to unify data requests and consequent data transfers.
  • Projections can be defined to retrieve only the queried contents that is actually required.

An Open Source NoSQL Database That’s Silent

A powerful and easily-expandable low-cost network.

Expandability: RavenDB is designed to run on low-cost 32-bit ARM or Raspberry PI machines as easily as it runs on costlier 64-bit systems. Deploy a powerful yet cost-effective network made up of clusters of budget-friendly nodes. RavenDB’s superb data distribution and task shuffling will make each machine a capable server, connecting them all to a smart, robust, high-performing network.

Multi-model Server: From document and key/value stores to graph queries, counters and attachments, RavenDB can provide most or all of your database-microservices requirements.

Deploying RavenDB as your multipurpose server is much easier than deploying multiple applications for your various needs.

  • You can learn how to set up, deploy and operate a single application, rather than many.
  • You don’t have to make a group of unrelated applications work in harmony, just install instances of the same distributed application and allow them to naturally communicate with each other.
  • You can discuss your needs and requests with a single attentive vendor.

Utilize the Graph API for a product recommendation service, the distributed counters for a visitor’s tracking service, and the core features of your fully transactional database for an inventory service and orders fulfillment.

The power of an easily expandable database that provides a wide range of services boosts productivity over the life of your application. Total savings in time and manpower will accumulate throughout the life of your application. Use RavenDB on the cloud to save even more.

Fast time to production. A large health care company used the entire RavenDB Enterprise Suite for all their medical operations and was able to get to production in just 3 months.

Management Studio: Your Document Database Command Center

Our Management Studio makes it easy to deploy, monitor, backup and scale out RavenDB. The GUI reliably orchestrates tasks that administrators usually manage manually like forming a cluster, upgrades, creating point-in-time backups, and other operational activities.

Maintain up-to-date metrics for resources such as CPU, memory and network utilization, performance statistics for indexes and storage. The Studio is a native component of RavenDB and is available in all licenses – Community, Professional and Enterprise.

One client, Code-A-Like, didn’t touch RavenDB for 6 years. Over that time, they enjoyed high availability and outstanding performance. Their development team could focus on deploying new and better versions of their product.