Multi platform NoSQL database

Multi-platform database

Universal Data Access on a Multi Platform NoSQL Database

Know no limits with RavenDB, a multi-platform NoSQL Database. Let your data move between different operating systems, servers, and cloud infrastructures with great ease and no friction.

Use RavenDB on the following operating systems and platforms:

  • Windows x64 / x86
  • Linux x64
  • Docker
  • MacOS
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ARM Chips

RavenDB’s efficient usage of your resources allows you to fully utilize any of these platforms, making it an ideal choice for your cloud investment.
You can deploy RavenDB on varying hardware running different operating systems, from strong servers to tiny edge units, and have the database not only operate perfectly on each but also actually utilize its unique resources and make the most out of it.

Keeping it Simple

Deploying a multi-platform database rather than a single-platform one has become an obvious choice, if not the only one, in most circumstances. Let’s be reminded of some of the advantages making this choice gives.

  • It is often much easier and more economical to distribute a database that can spread to a wide variety of hardware and software platforms.
    Easy deployment reduces complexity, increases flexibility and holds down costs; your DBA and development team will thank you for it.
  • Deploying an adapting database that fully utilizes each platform and its capabilities is a big bonus.
  • Handling issues and requests becomes simple when any system in sight can be used for testing or selected as a replacement.

Everything will run just fine even if you developed on Linux, but have a client that wants to deploy the software on a Windows server. RavenDB will operate seamlessly throughout your customer’s IT infrastructure, giving its usual great performance.

Save Money on the Cloud with No Hassle

RavenDB gives you the discretion of choosing the most cost-effective and performance-optimized application stack, with a certainty that your data can operate on it with ease.

Take your existing application stack – your database, your programming language and the tools you’re used to, and migrate to the cloud along with them to gain the lowest-cost infrastructure; your new cost-effective Linux-based cloud platform will still easily communicate with your local systems, that continue to run on Windows.

This enables you to see year-over-year savings throughout the life of your project.

Push and Pull Data Anywhere

Data can be transferred in various ways between RavenDB servers regardless of their platforms and environments.

A company server for example can replicate its database to a low-cost backup location over ETL, or a passing ship’s low-cost Windows computer can connect an inland Linux machine when it nears shore and pull data to its database before returning to sea.

Covering Edge Deployments End to End

Managing complex environments can become enjoyable Enjoy complex solutions with an easy-to-use simple NoSQL database that’s easy to use.

You can have Linux servers at the heart of your data system for example, pulling data from Raspberry Pi units that collect loads of information from IoT sensors.
Or you can have RavenDB capture information sent from quality assurance devices in a factory, and pass it on to a central distributed data cluster that streams it to personnel workstations.

With RavenDB, you can expand your project architecture to create a modernized information juggernaut that delivers flexibility and scalability to your digital business, with a confidence that your database can handle it.