RavenDB NoSQL database helps Ez-Base sell and distribute hardware throughout Europe.

Drilling Down The Other Type of Hardware

How many developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. That’s a hardware issue.

Ez-Base is a Dutch company that enables wholesalers and retailers of hardware and construction tools to offer their wares to the world.

A building, machine, even a simple cabinet contains hundreds of nuts, bolts, screws, pieces, and various tools required to put it all together and maintain.

Hundreds of retailers operate online stores to enable anyone to buy products stocked by manufacturers. Each supplier maintains its own online systems and physical products, making it hard for a retailer to buy from various sources and offer to wide a range of products as possible without having to work with scores of different formats.

Ez-Base standardizes everything, allowing retailers and suppliers to do business. Retailers set up online stores, including in their catalogs anything suppliers allow them to sell.

Some of their more prominent clients include Bosch and Makita Power Tools. Of the near thousand clients using Ez-Base, half are suppliers, and half are retailers.

RavenDB as the Arbiter of Truth

Every night, 500 webshops have to be collaborated to synch between what the web shops are selling and what they are allowed to sell.

It is up to RavenDB to manage which products are available to which retailers and make sure the permitted products are in the right places.

A shop will decide to sell additional items or a supplier will offer new items. As a result, some products that are initially permitted for sale by a specific seller will no longer be available.

Every night, all of the suppliers and shops have to be put “back in sync” to ensure that only what retailers are allowed to sell, based on updated manufacturer product lists — are in each catalog.

Daily, millions of product documents have to be reviewed and returned to the users. A document database, which doesn’t need to take apart and put together tables to produce a single result, let alone entire results sets, has the performance ability to meet Ez-Base’s rigorous standards.

The Fastest Database for the Job

Ez-Base tried MongoDB, but it wasn’t a right fit for them.

The volume of data that they needed to process made SQL a nonstarter. The synchronization process starts at 7 PM and must be done by the next day.

Performance is everything, especially during the summer when the night can be as little as 8-9 hours, giving them less time to process the millions of documents that need to be authorized before the early morning crew logs on.

The Future for Ez-Base and RavenDB

Ez-Base is expanding from the Netherlands and Belgium to the United Kingdom. Many of the logistics for UK companies are similar to those in France and Italy, furthering future expansion.

The number of documents they need to process every night will continue to grow exponentially, but the time frame will remain the same.

RavenDB must be able to process exponentially expanding amounts of data in the same amount of time. As a database known for increasing performance with each new version, without increasing the amount of memory needed for the task, RavenDB is the right fit for Ez-Base’s bright future.

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