RavenDB Simple Pricing

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CTO stonewalled 100 days over a database price quote

Why wait 100 days for a price? RavenDB NoSQL database allows you control of the purchase process.

Isn’t your database supposed to make things easier for you?

The number one reason we developed RavenDB is to make developer lives easier. We are a team of developers, all with countless scars over the bloodletting we’ve endured to get our projects to their next release.

Some problems are inevitable, like getting an exception.

It is up to your database developers to make sure these obstacles are few and far between and easy to hurdle.

Other problems shouldn’t be there.

Take pricing, for example. It should be a simple process. You go to the pricing page and see how much it costs.

If you have customized needs, you call up the sales desk, and they work something out. Either way, you get a price quote with zero issues.

After all, when someone asks how much is this, that means they are ready to make a purchase. Any good business will do everything they can to provide you with everything you need to make their sale.


The 100 Day Odyssey

A new client told me how he tried to buy a MongoDB license. All he needed was the price.

They made him go through five different meetings with three representatives and explain his story five times over just to know how much money he would have to fork over.

They kept passing him off like a soccer ball until somebody could produce a number.

It took him 101 days to get his quote.

In 101 days, you can sail the entire world… twice!

In the end, the prices were so cryptic that he had to contact them again to understand what exactly the numbers were saying.

The client told me it was like running six hours in the pouring rain to get to a root canal.

Paying the Price

Without knowing how much your database costs, a project cannot to go forward. Cost is a make-or-break consideration, and how much you will need to budget for your data solution must be established before deciding on what happens next.

A NoSQL Database That’s Simple to Purchase

That’s why the model we use for pricing RavenDB is pretty simple. We charge on a per-core basis, with two tiers depending on what features you want precisely. The details and the actual numbers can be found here

You have all your answers right away. You are in complete control of this process. You won’t have to contact us to know exactly how much investment you need to make in your database.

If you do have customized projects with a unique pricing plan, you will get your price in a few emails. If it goes to a phone call, you will get it right away.

This is a process that lasts minutes to hours, not days to months.

Price discovery is one of those issues where the only question is does the return on this price justify it? We are happy that our option is better in that regard also.

Take a demo of RavenDB with a live developer to answer all your questions and get a price for what you need right away.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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